Spartan Memorial Discount & US Race Giveaway

Memorial Day Discount

Spartan Race US has a great promotion going on right now where you can get up to $40 off a Spartan Beast. $30 off a Super and $20 off a Sprint until May 27th.

The generous folks at Spartan HQ are giving away one free race to any US Spartan to my readers. Enter the contest below. I’ll give it away on Monday, May 25th so if you don’t win you still have time to take advantage of the code until Weds!

Just leave me a comment on why you want to run a Spartan Race, follow me (@RobynBaldwin) & @SpartanRace on Twitter and visit Spartan on Facebook and like their page if you haven’t!

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Summer 2015 Bucket List

I’m in love with bucket lists. If you’ve been reading the blog for a while, you may remember I started creating them to make the most of our short summer here in Canada. They started out thinking small. I put things on the list like having a healthy picnic, creating a summer balcony and going on a road trip.

Here is my 2013 & 2014 Summer Bucket Lists.

As I evolve I’m thinking bigger and getting my adrenaline junkie self on.

Here is the 2015 Summer Bucket List.

Summer Bucket List

Bungee jumping is planned for July, right before tackling a Spartan Sprint in Ottawa. I’m going on a canoe trip on the August long weekend with some of my girl friends. I’m off to purchase plants for my balcony garden this weekend. I need to schedule skydiving and kite boarding so it actually happens. I’ve already looked into SUP yoga classes that start at the end of June. I’ll be wake boarding & surfing at our company summer offsite this year so I just have to find some partners for Caving, Outdoor Rock Climbing, Golf & Wonderland!

I’ve already knocked off ZIplining off the list this past weekend in Mont Tremblant. It was tons of fun. I definitely want to find a longer zipline to make it even more epic!

What’s on your summer bucket list? Give me ideas to evolve my list!

Montreal Spartan Super 2015 Race Recap

I survived another Spartan Race. This year I bought an Eastern Canada Season’s Pass so I could get myself a Double Trifecta. That means I plan on racing a Sprint (3-5 miles or 4-8 kms & 20-23 obstacles), Super (8-10 miles or 13-16 kms & 24 – 29 obstacles) and Beast (12-14 miles or 19-23 kms & 30-35 obstacles) distances all in one year to get a Trifecta and then do each race twice for a Double Trifecta! I started the Canada season in Montreal racing the Super race on Sunday, May 17.

Photos are care of Spartan Social Media, Nikky Brenic (our official Alpha Obstacle Training photographer) and my iPhone.

Spartan Super

The facility, Alpha Obstacle Training, that I train at had a huge army going to this race. I drove up to Mont Tremblant village with my friends, John, Mark & Mike. We took the standard car selfie driving up. We got there in 7 hours with lots of jokes and minimal bathroom breaks.

Car Selfie

We checked into suites at the Hilton and started exploring the village. It’s so much bigger and nicer than our Blue Mountain. As everyone started arriving we met for dinner and a group shot.


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#theface Race Pictures

This post was inspired by my friend Michelle who on Monday morning posted a pic from Sporting Life and asked if I she had made me proud?

Boy was I ever. This is why?


I have been slowing been creating a picture phenomenon on social media. And yes I’m taking full credit for it! It started a few years ago. I think it was Warrior Dash 2013. I decided to take a selfie with two friends with my mouth open, smiling and excited.

20130721-143253 20130721-143430

And it’s been downhill ever since or shall we say uphill when it comes to obstacle course races :) I can’t stop doing them. I love how much fun I have when I do. So I won’t stop doing what my friend Jaime Stein has hashtagged as #theface. It shows up at every race from OCRs to road races. I’m getting really good at spotting official photographers and then hamming it up.


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Mobility Flossing

I have been nursing an ankle injury since the end of September 2014. I twisted it while running the X Man Quebec race and then running the Dead End race on it the following weekend didn’t help. While I took a break from running in October, November & December I did start running again in January. I ignored the lack of mobility in the ankle and the tightness and pain and just kept going. I have no idea how much damage I’ve done. So after seeing countless professionals and no change in the pain I finally had my family doctor refer me to a sports doctor. He took my ankle through some mobility range of motions and said that it felt like my talus (ankle) bone was out of place. The lack of range of motion when dorsiflexing explains this. He requisitioned an MRI and I signed up for night time appointments. I had an MRI last Friday night and now eagerly await the results. In the meantime I had sought out help from my chiropractor and physiotherapist to help with the pain now knowing it’s my ankle bone that’s the culprit.

My chiropractor, Dr Joe Vomvas showed me how to apply Voodoo Floss to my ankle to increase mobility. I purchased a cheaper version from Treadmill Factory – Xtreme Monkey Floss Band. Great quality for less cost! Over just 2 weeks my ankle impingement has gotten considerably better. While not perfect the pain has definitely lessened in the joint. The only pain I experience is when running now while before it was even while walking or standing. I take time every morning while in the gym and before an epsom salt bath at night to floss.


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Mushroom Tea Fun

Mushrooms are nature’s best kept secret… well until now. I was introduced to Mushroom tea consumption in the summer of 2014 when I talked to a merchant at a Vegan/Vegetarian trade show. I bought a bag and followed the instructions that involved steeping the tea for 6-8 hours in a crock pot overnight which would give me enough tea for the week. While pretty easy to do it definitely is not easy to always maintain this habit unless I remember every Sunday night to put the crock pot on. And what if I want to use the post for cooking chicken! So I found a company that makes instant mushroom tea options!

Four Sigma Foods sent me a bunch of goodies to try and I’ve been loving all of them so far!

Four Sigma Foods


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Mother’s Day

On this day we honour (yes I’m Canadian in my spelling) the mothers in our lives. I am blessed to have learned so much from my mother. I am grateful for her every single day but it’s nice to give thanks and honour her on this special day.


Thank you for raising me to be the young woman I am today (I regret to inform you I refuse to be old). Thank you for holding my hand, for kissing my forehead. Thank you for driving me to ballet class. For being proud of me when I became a cheerleader and a fitness competitor even if you didn’t approve. Thank you for being proud of me for graduating University and for always being so happy for all my career moves. Thank you for driving hours from Ottawa to my side not once but twice as I left a broken relationship in 2012. Thank you for going on my cancelled honeymoon with me as the best support I could have at that time. Thank you for driving in the wee hours of the morning as I sat in the hospital waiting for my diagnosis and being there to keep me grounded and just be the companion I needed when I was diagnosed with MS.  Mom

I know I won’t always be able to tell you on this day how much you mean to me so I’m taking full advantage now. I hope one day you get to watch me become a mother and I’ll be on the phone probably daily asking for advice.


I love you Mama. You make my life better. You make me always want to be a better, stronger, more loving and giving person. I love thee!

Eastern Canada Spartan Race Entry Giveaway

At the first Alpha OCR Race of the season I was lucky enough to win a race entry to an Eastern Canada Spartan Race! I have already bought myself a season pass this year so I’d like to give back to the OCR community. If you have yet to register I’d like to give away my pass to one lucky person.

At Alpha (my training ground) our fearless leader and founder Jesse Bruce always gives us a pump up speech before races and workouts that always ends with “Do you have a fitness goal? Let’s go freaking get it!”

Alpha OCR Series #1

I’d love to help someone achieve a new fitness goal of running in a Spartan Race. Since the Alpha Obstacle Training army will be out in full force at all Spartan races in Eastern Canada we’d love to see you out there so enter the Rafflecopter contest below! The first race of the season is a Super, May 17th in Montreal.

Free Race Entry

Contest will run until midnight on Thursday, May 14th. Simply comment on the blog and tell me why racing a Spartan Race is a fitness goal for you! There are other ways to earn entries so check out the Rafflecopter giveaway below!

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Plantain Protein Pancake Recipe

I have been getting many requests for my protein pancake recipe so I decided to post the new recipe. I’ve adapted it over the years from when I posted my pumpkin protein pancake recipe. I now use plantain instead of banana (I find it makes the batter thicker). I only use pumpkin really in the fall and no more applesauce. But I still love using real maple syrup with it. I only add maple syrup if I’m eating this meal before or after a hard workout.

Plantain Protein Pancake
An easy to make protein pancake recipe
Servings Prep Time
3 Pancakes 5 minutes
Cook Time
10 minutes
Servings Prep Time
3 Pancakes 5 minutes
Cook Time
10 minutes
Plantain Protein Pancake
An easy to make protein pancake recipe
Servings Prep Time
3 Pancakes 5 minutes
Cook Time
10 minutes
Servings Prep Time
3 Pancakes 5 minutes
Cook Time
10 minutes
Servings: Pancakes
  1. Blend all ingredients. I use a Vitamix. Brush coconut oil on a frying pan and cook for 5 mins each side or until golden.
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My favourite addition lately has been to add cacao nibs which contain magnesium (great for healing sore muscles)!

Protein Pancakes