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Under Armour Women – What’s Beautiful Campaign

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I absolutely love the Under Armour What’s Beautiful campaign. It is a competition to redefine the female athlete. I had originally signed up for the very first contest last year but then I went through a really tough summer and it had to fall to the bottom of my list of priorities. Now in a much better place I’m excited to throw my hat into the ring again and with the army of FitFluential ambassadors working on this campaign truly inspire women to set goals and know that they will accomplish them. The campaign is simple. Set a goal. Then show the world what it takes to accomplish it.

Here is a link to my profile. I’ve set a goal to compete in three obstacle races this year. I’ve already made the announcement on January 1st that I would but now I’ve taken on the extra challenge of doing it with an amazing community of women through Under Armour’s What’s Beautiful contest. I thought this picture below found on the Under Armour website was a perfect mantra for my muddy obstacle race goal. I will accomplish it.


On top of all this awesomeness, I’ve partnered up with my blends (bloggers + friends) Jess, Morgan & Krysten. We had already signed up for the Warrior Dash again this year (Morgan will be joining us for the 1st time!) and last year we ran it 54:59. Our goal this year will be to shave off 4 mins and try for a sub 50 mins goal!

To find out more about the contest and sign up go here: whatsbeautiful.ua.com

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