3 Year MS Anniversary

My third year MS anniversary was December 2nd and I forgot. I thought it was December 4th!

I had this blog post all ready to go for Monday and as I sat down to write it on the weekend I looked up other MS Anniversary posts on my blog and the first one was all I could find.

The fact that I forgot is actually amazing. This means I’m no longer living in the past. I’m not tracking the days to an Anniversary where I find out I have a new health sidekick in life. I’m no longer focusing on “what happened to me” but living in the present day instead. I’m creating and living a life that fills me up. Where I feel vital and healthy and am focusing on that instead of just a diagnosis moment in time.

I tried to find my 2-year Anniversary post on the blog and I didn’t even post last year!

Most days I don’t even remember I live with this sidekick.

When I posted “Can I Say my MS is in Remission?” I didn’t really know what remission would look like? Does it look like constant health and vitality? Does it look like consistent optimization and healthy habits? Does it look like forgetting the diagnosis date?

I believe so and that’s an amazing feeling.

Here is to not dwelling on a diagnosis and celebrating finding vitality and constantly optimizing it.

2 thoughts on “3 Year MS Anniversary

  1. It’s funny, I don’t remember the exact day I was diagnosed anymore. I remember it was towards the end of March in 2015. What I try to celebrate or talk about is how many years I have been replase free.

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