#32actsoflove – My Birthday Plans

So it’s my birthday tomorrow… I really don’t like the expectations that birthdays have and I don’t like asking for much but last year I got a bit demanding 🙂

Here’s the post that helped me plan the day. And here’s the post that recapped the amazing day. It’s all about random acts of love (or kindness). I had so much fun doing these random acts of love that I can’t wait to tally up some acts of love for my 32 years of age this year. But I can’t do it alone! I would love your help.


Would you do an act of love on my behalf and let me know through the hashtag #32actsoflove on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram?

Here are the 10 things I plan on doing this year. I need 22 peeps to do a random act on their own so we can add them up to 32.

1. Give a thank you note to a TTC streetcar driver when I get off (last year I gave it to them as I got on and it was weird)

2. Hand out free samples of Magnum products & 10% off Popeye’s Supplement coupons at the gym in the morning!

3. Put a motivation quote in a gym locker for someone to find during the day.

4. Buy coffee for the person behind me in line in the morning.

5. Order healthy cupcakes for my office co-workers (I hope they don’t read my blog today)

6. Buy a bouquet of flowers and hand them out to people walking around my work neighbourhood at lunch hour.

7. Buy an iced tea for my receptionist at work & the concierge at my condo.

8. Print off motivational quotes and place them on parked cars around my work neighbourhood.

9. Go down to the Lakeshore bike path after work and hand out water bottles to runners.

10. Hand out granola bars to homeless on the streets of Toronto.

One thought on “#32actsoflove – My Birthday Plans

  1. I am on it! You are so sweet – this is a lovely idea and such a great way to spend a birthday.
    I am always confused by people going crazy over birthdays. I.e. “What are we doing for your birthday?!?!” like, “Guys; my mum did all the work. I don’t know why I’m the one being celebrated here.” So, for the past few years I’ve used it as an opportunity to get a huge group of people together (people are always somehow more available when you say it’s a birthday celebration) and do something fun/new. Once I created a day of “All-ympics” to coincide with the summer Olympics, and last year I went bouldering. This idea of #32actsoflove is a great way to get people who want to celebrate with you to do something meaningful. Love it!

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