33 Acts Of Love

It’s that time of year again! It’s my birthday week (Birthday – July 16) and I couldn’t be more excited! For the past two years I’ve celebrated by doing random acts of love (ok planned acts of love) and rallying my friends, family & social media community to do one act of love in my honour so all the acts combined add up to my age!

Keep Calm

Here is the round up of how #31actsoflove and #32actsoflove went over the past two years. It warms my heart to read them over again and see all the amazing things people did. I post images all day with a hashtag so people can share in the fun and I love it when my/our social media community post a pic of what they did. This year the hashtag will be #33actsoflove if you’d like to join in on the fun. I’m all about spreading love and smiles around with as many people as possible.

Since I’m turning 33 I will attempt to perform 10 planned acts of love myself and try and get 23 other people to join in on the fun. I’ve said it many times before. It’s actually a selfish way for me to ensure I have an amazing day. If I do things for other people all day that warm fuzzy feeling will outshine what people (including me) have come to expect as a day that people do things for you. I’ve had two amazing birthdays over the past two years so here’s to another great day! Will you join in on the fun?

Here is what I have planned for the day so far…

1. Buy someone coffee behind me in line in the morning

2.Print out happiness quotes and stick them on cars in Liberty Village near my office

3. Give granola bars to the homeless girl I always see near my condo

4. Buy flowers and hand them out to ladies who work in my area at lunch

5. Hand out Kobo gift cards to people reading on the subway

6. Buy healthy cupcakes for Alpha members in the night class I attend (hopefully they don’t read this post lol)

7. Write thank you cards to my co-workers

8. Hand out water bottles to cops monitoring Pan Am street closures near my office.

9. Bring flowers to ladies with no visitors at a retirement home.

10.Get my night concierge a tea for the evening shift start

I need help getting the Acts of Love to add up to 33. Will you do one act of kindness as my birthday present on Thursday, July 16th?

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