35 Acts of Love

It’s 4 days before my birthday which means it’s time to start promoting this year’s Acts of Love day on Sunday,  July 16, 2017. Say what?!

If you’ve been reading the blog for a few years then you know the story behind this tradition. If you’re new around here. Hi! Welcome!

In 2012, I turned 30. The dirty 30! It was supposed to be an epic year. I was to get married a month after my birthday but instead, I turned 30 and found myself calling off my wedding a few days later and leaving a toxic relationship that just rocked me. During my 20s I had relied on others to make my birthday amazing. I found an amazing blog online about doing random acts of kindness instead of going out to a club or restaurant and I selfishly jumped on board. I knew that doing things for others on my birthday would fill me up with love and then selfishly I was going to have an amazing day!

So that is where the birthday tradition since turning 31 years of age to do “random” (ok completely planned) acts of love to selfishly have an amazing day by doing things for others started!

Here are recaps of how the past few years have been planned and turned out:

34 Acts of Love#34ActsofLove Round Up

33 Acts of Love#33ActsofLove Round Up

32 Acts of Love#32ActsofLove Round Up

31 Acts of Love#31ActsofLove Round Up

To be completely honest, tackling 34 Acts in 2016 was draining for Mike and I so this year we decided to bring back the social media call out. My goal is simply to have 34 people do 1 act of kindness. Mike and I are going to do one and then that will add up to 35!

My favourite act of love has been handing out flowers at the local retirement home. I’ve ordered 35 carnations to be picked up on Saturday and I cannot wait to see the ladies smiling faces as I hand them out.

So here’s my Call To Action for you! Will you do one act of kindness in my honour on Sunday? Will you snap a picture of it and post to Instagram? Use the hashtag #35actsoflove and #actsofkindness so I can find the images next Monday! I’d love to do a roundup post on July 17 celebrating just a little bit of goodness shared out into the world on my day of birth 🙂

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