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I have been waiting for something like this! I definitely need to up my obstacle race training in 2014. I have three obstacle races on my race card for next year again so I need to get faster, stronger and tougher. Alpha Obstacle Training has opened at just the right time. Since I’m a self proclaimed Alpha Female you know I love the name of the training facility.

My run partners Michael & Clifton asked me to join them last Thursday to beast a workout together. I walked into the space and was wowed. I love the facility, they have monkey bars! The vibe in the room was amazing and I just loved everything about Alpha OT. We were put through a circuit workout in partners. The most amazing part was our coach Jesse stated “This is not a competition, you are here to support your partner”. This set the perfect vibe. I got partnered up with Helen and we beasted our workout side by side. It never felt competitive but purely supportive.


Who loves that my guys know I don’t take serious pictures anymore?


After the gruelling but amazing circuit workout we played on the monkey bars which is my nemesis at Tough Mudder. I cannot wait to beast them this year. I got halfway across these bad boys which are further apart than I’m used to. But I’m pretty proud on how far I got, especially at the end of a workout. I need to play on them at the start next time 🙂 I can’t wait to work on this skill for Tough Mudder in 2014.


Just hanging around.  20131220-113123.jpg

So I mentioned I had the pleasure of being coached by one of the co-counder’s Jesse Bruce. I’ve seen him before when doing the O Course so it was nice to work with him in his new facility. He’s an amazing motivator and sets up the energy in the building to be one of focus, an Alpha warrior mentality but built on pure team spirit.  20131220-113131.jpg

 This is a must check out fitness workout in Toronto!

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