Live Like An Alpha Female Challenge

Alpha Female Video Challenge

Imagine feeling less stressed & overwhelmed so you can tackle all your goals & dreams?

Does this story sound vaguely familiar?

It was only a few short years ago, I was working in an advertising agency with long hours, and stressful work. I discovered I was becoming skinny fat, I was stressed, I was constantly overwhelmed and anxious. I wasn’t eating well, I was barely drinking any water, I didn’t know how to workout and I had zero social life. My face looked ghostly white most days and I would go out drinking with my co-workers to relax from my stressful days which left me feeling sick the next and even more tired. It was a vicious cycle.

Do you lie awake a night running over all the things you have to do and feel empty from the day? Does the thought of repeating everything you did today tomorrow exhaust you? Do you flip through Instagram and look and picture perfect lives and scream in your head “Why can’t I have that?”

Are you ready to take charge of your fitness routine, get super organized so you feel like you have more time in each day and actually have time to spend with family & friends or time to tackle a new goal or dream for your life?

Go after that promotion you’ve always wanted. Land that dream job which doesn’t seem like it exists. Spend quality time with your friends or loved ones exploring your city. Tackle a new fitness goal that makes you feel like you can conquer the world. Start your own business. Make a bucket list. Travel. Whatever your heart desires. I can help you get less stressed, more organized and get the basics under control so you can dream bigger.

That’s why I created the Live Like An Alpha Female Challenge. A 5 week video series that helps you decrease stress and get more organized. 

You’ll receive one video every week on Sunday night. The video will address one area of your life you’ll tackle the following week. If you watch it Sunday night and action step the homework for the week you’ll be more successful in adopting new habits and tackling the stresses that keep you up at night. We will tackle fitting in fitness, optimizing health, organizing nutrition, how to stay health at work and how to organize ourselves better using a smart phone.

Here’s what you’ll learn in each video

Video 1: Fitness

We’ll talk about how to pick fitness goals. How to fit in fitness into a busy work day and how to challenge yourself physically & mentally. We’ll also get into scheduling and you’ll get homework for the week to set a goal and how to implement and stay accountable.

Video 2: Health

We’ll talk about what you can do to optimize your health. Why I work with a naturopath, how to track symptoms in the body that seem off so you can find out the root causes and little things I do every day to keep my immune system boosted.

Video 3: Nutrition

We’ll talk about how to nourish your body instead of just eating, simple breakdown of macronutrients and the principles of clean eating. We’ll discover different resources for finding recipes and meal plans and I’ll go over my key success tips that allow me to nourish myself daily, while fuelling my fitness goals and making it easy to do with a full time job.

Video 4: How To Stay On Track At Work

We’ll talk about how I was able to further my career as I got healthy, tips and tricks I’ve learned from mentors over the years to advance my career and how I stay healthy and energized in the office.

Video 5: Smart Phone Organization Tips

We live in a modern age. As smart phones and apps have gotten amazing over the years my organization has stepped up. I’ll take you through my favourite smart phone organization, health, fitness and nutrition apps.



When you sign up for the challenge you get access to the Private Facebook Group Alpha Females. We’re going to build a community where we can share tips and tricks for work/life harmony, hold each other accountable and get support when needed. 

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Laura Skoblenick
The challenge helped me examine my current health, fitness and nutrition routines, as well as how I work towards my professional and personal goals. Each week we focused on a different aspect with suggestions of things to try, from both Robyn and other Alpha Females in the private Facebook group. From this challenge I’ve implemented two new habits: prepping food (that doesn’t feel so overwhelming) so I can save time during the work week and creating more effective to-do lists. I would recommend this challenge for anyone; whether its to establish, improve or simply review current habits.
Shannon Cadieux
I whole-heartedly recommend the Live Like An Alpha Female challenge to my other Alpha’s out there, that need some guidance with developing their full potential, Robyn’s weekly videos are quick to watch, thought provoking and so helpful to start to mold your true Alpha mentality.  The Facebook group was full of great conversations, tips and support from like-minded females.  My main take away from this challenge was a sense of empowerment, that I could make simple adjustments to my life, and conquer so much.  I learned how to prioritize my top three things in my day, which simplified my daily sense of chaos.  Thank you Robyn for putting this challenge together, and being a daily inspiration to me.
Alyssa Wodabek
Theres something about Robyn's personality that just draws you in. Whether its online or in person her energy is contagious. I was so intrigued about this challenge and knew I wanted to be apart of it. It was great having a challenge every week in my inbox and forcing me to set goals and try something new for the week. I loved having the online community as well as fellow challengers to connect with, I think in any situation when you are doing something for yourself but also part of a team it really gives you that extra push.  I think whatever Robyn does she puts her heart into it and you can definitely tell she has with this group.
Amalia Biro
Before going through Live Like An Alpha Female with Robyn, I had all the right intentions, but none of the tools. I knew what I wanted to accomplish, but not how to get there. Since working through the program with Robyn's support I have developed habits that are adding to my work/life harmony - in particular awesome sleep habits - and it has helped me get closer to the life I want to live, alpha female style!


Hi, I’m Robyn Baldwin, Chief Alpha Female.

In 2009 when I started my blog at a former co-worker called me an Alpha Female because I was tackling new goals while staying happy & healthy. I thought it was a negative connotation at first until I started to own the term and make it a positive one.

An Alpha Female is a powerful and assertive woman. Her confidence is due to being an intelligent and intellectual problem-solver. Being an Alpha Female is a State of Mind based on choosing ambition and being proud of it. She strives for a happy and healthy work/life harmony.

As a full time marketing manager, fitness & lifestyle blogger, podcaster, author, freelance writer and someone who tackles obstacle course races, running, weight lifting and yoga I’m proud to say I’ve used all the tips and tricks from the videos to find a life that I adore and stay healthy while doing it.

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