Become an Alpha Female: Get Ease Filled Work/Life Harmony, Health & Wealth

I’m working with women who have a calling to truly own both masculine & feminine energy.

Are you ready to join our tribe?

You’re ready to join us if you’re called to play bigger in your life. You have a calling to inspire others to self-care, and health empowerment and you’re ready for financial freedom.

What would it feel like to fully align with all aspects of your work & your life?

What would it feel like to build a side hustle or full-time gig that actually empowers others?

My Alpha Female tribe is a sisterhood of like-minded women, we share a similar yearning to impact others positively. Through amazing essential oils and our natural teaching gifts, we’ve been able to open up abundance in relationships and financial health for ourselves and others.

An Alpha Female takes the right steps to optimize her work/life harmony where she is and optimizes it for future financial health & wealth.

If you’re screaming YES scroll down to find out how to join us.

If you’ve been spinning your wheels trying all sorts of different side hustles. I’m talking to my bloggers, podcasters and former network marketers who have yet to try the dōTERRA model this is for you. If you’ve been trying to get ahead financially but it just doesn’t seem to be working then this tribe is for you.

Have you read different personal development books and your life hasn’t changed?!  Have you read business book after business book and you just can’t press go on a big idea?! It’s flat out frustrating.  You’re not alone!  I know exactly how it feels to be in the cycle of lack, frustration, and confusion.

For those of you who have been hanging out on for some time you know that I love to:

  • Empower people towards work/life harmony
  • Teach proactive health
  • Share goal setting and achievements
  • Openly be vulnerable in the hopes of healing guilt and shame

My journey to work/life harmony and side hustle wealth began 8 years ago when I launched this blog. 

I started in fitness competitions and modeling back in 2009 after being told by a guy that I was dating that I was getting kinda chunky. Cue Gasp. That year I met my ex and spent 4 years in an unhealthy relationship that led up to an engagement, planning a wedding, calling off a wedding and healing and finding out who I actually was as a person. And then I wrote a book to help others heal broken hearts.

Then in 2014, I was diagnosed with MS. I spent the first months after my diagnosis figuring out what living holistically meant for me. I optimized my meal plan, I figured out supplementation, I decided I needed to get better sleep, I knew I had to reduce my stress and I knew I had to remove toxins from my immediate environment.

In the fall of 2015, I met the man of my dreams. We started dating on January 1st, 2016 (well at midnight he kissed me) so technically on December 31st, 2015. 3 short months later I left my job,  moved to Ottawa, found a new job and started a new phase of life.

I had been introduced to essential oils when I was diagnosed with MS and started to explore how to use them to reduce my stress. Long story short I fell in love with them and what they could do for my healthcare. They are beautiful tools in my healthcare toolkit and I’m grateful for what they provide.

When I moved to Ottawa I took a pay cut with the new job and started to explore what the business opportunity with dōTERRA looked like. I worked through limiting beliefs around network marketing and money blocks and grew to understand that I was ever deserving of diversifying my income by helping others find the empowerment I had.

My health crisis and finding the love of my life had led me down a new path.

I truly feel like my path has grown me into the Alpha Female I truly am today.

An Alpha Female prioritizes her self-care. She nurtures relationships in her life and yearns to go after big goals and dreams. I mentioned masculine & feminine energy in the beginning because an Alpha Female knows when to be in the do mentality and when to be in the be mentality and it’s a beautiful journey to find the harmony between the two energies.

I healed my body (my MS is in remission), I healed my heart and met the man of my dreams (spoiler alert we’re now engaged and planning our wedding) and I grew a network marketing business to a leadership rank making 5 figures (I made up for the pay cut I took when moving from Toronto to Ottawa) in a year.


  • Get the support and step by step plan you need.
  • Read here what we do together as Alpha Females.
  • You need a strategy towards work/life harmony and the business side of network marketing. I have it and I’d love to coach you through it.
  • Join a supportive, loving, like-minded team of women who are here on a mission to change how the world looks at health and wealth!

Bottom Line:

You found this tribe because you deserve to feel vital and have financial health.  You care about creating an income that is in service of others.

You found this tribe because you’re ready to embrace the power of residual income. You found this tribe because you believe that as a group we can rise up together.

Stop settling for less.   With a plan, you can achieve glowing health and wealth.

Just like using Sunday meal prep to get you ready for the week, it takes preparation and consistency for success. For improved health, it takes strategy and slight edge action. For financial health, it takes strategy and slight edge action. Sprinkle with a positive mindset, and you’ve got action, passion, and movement towards the life you deserve.

To be honest, making money isn’t the hard part, the challenging piece is around our self-worth and whether we BELIEVE we’re worthy of health and wealth.

The first step is to align with products you believe in.

The second step is to use them as you build a delicious self-care and empowered healthcare practice.

The third step is to own your ability to diversify your income.

And our tribe will be there every step of the way.

HEALTH & FINANCIAL WEALTH all start from the same place. A belief.

The belief that you are deserving and worthy and ready for a work/life harmony that feels good. A health that is vital. And a bank account that inspires you.

What does that look like?

  1. Join a team of like-minded women who all share a passion for health, wellness, purpose, and passion.
  2. Dive into the mentorship and coaching that is available to you to dissolve any limiting beliefs you have about health and wealth.
  3. Become empowered and inspire and change the lives around you.

It’s my mission to help you claim what you are seeking.

Want to know more information about what we do or what it takes to be an Alpha Female?

Email Me with the subject “I Want To Be An Alpha Female” to

I invite you to put yourself first and dive into this head first!

Here’s to your future work/life harmony new normal!