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TIUX Compression Sock Product Review

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. I received product at no cost.

When tiux asked me to review their compression socks I jumped at the chance! Their point of difference is that they sell premium compression socks without the traditional retail markups.

Frolicking In Sprinklers

When I asked how they differed from Pro Compression or 2XU (two other brands I wear) they sent me this comparison chart. They have three colour options; black, green & pink so I went for the bright green!

PRO Compression
Marathon Socks
2XU Compression
Performance Run Socks
CEP Progressive+
Run Socks 2.0
Performance Socks
Tiux Performance
Compression Socks
Compression level 22-26 mmHg 17-25 mmHg 18-25 mmHg 20-30 mmHg 20-25 mmHg
Anatomical fit no yes yes no yes
Calf support and stabilization no no no no yes
Achilles tendon protection no yes no yes yes
Wide top band for comfort no no yes yes yes
Padded footbed no yes no no yes
Price $50 $50 $60 $70 $35

I looked pretty snazzy in them running the Toronto Spartan Sprint and they kept my calves/shins protected during the barbed wire crawls. I wear compression socks while running to support my ankles as I’m still dealing with an ankle injury form last fall. I like how tight they felt while running but not unbearable like other socks I’ve tried.

So why wear graduated compression socks at all?

Graduated compression socks have a higher compression at the ankle and gradually decreases towards the calf. Graduated compression will enhance circulation and increase the level of oxygenated blood to your legs, while pumping deoxygenated blood back to your heart. Stimulating blood flow helps athletes improve performance, reduce muscle fatigue and recover faster.


Rope Climb


Another great selling feature is the price! They are only $35 + tax = $39.55 USD (shipping FREE) compared to pro compression socks which I’ve bought online for $50 USD with a 40% off coupon code for $30 USD + $9 shipping which makes it the same. The coupon code isn’t always valid so tiux let’s you purchase for a great price no matter when you want to buy.

Happy Shopping!

Blood Work & Supplementation

Disclaimer: I am sharing information about my current vitamin/supplement plan reviewed and suggested by my naturopath. Please see your/a health care professional(s) before taking anything new or changing your supplementation plan.

Before I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in December of 2014 I was already seeing a naturopath 1 – 3 times a year. I started seeing my naturopath around 2010 or 2011 to fix digestion issues and help raise my energy levels. She worked with an MD in her clinic to requisition blood work so that she could better recommend vitamin & supplements to help optimize my body. A week after my diagnosis I met with her to ensure that what I was taking was ok based on my diagnosis and discuss what changes needed to be made to help my body fight this auto-immune disease.

January – April 

  • HMF Forte Probiotics: I was taking 2 capsules in the morning with my warm water & 1/4 fresh lemon juice to help heal digestion problems. I suffer from loose bowel movements (welcome to the TOO MUCH INFORMATION (TMI) section of the blog.)
  • Now Vitamin D-3: I was deficient at the time of my diagnosis (less than 72 nmol/L in my blood work results in December) so we raised my daily IUs from 4,000 (which I wasn’t taking consistently) to 8,000 IUs daily. I was usually taking them all in the morning.

***I was able to raise my Vitamin D level to 166 nmol/L (which is deemed sufficient) in less than a month (from December to January) simply by being consistent with taking my supplement and increasing the dosage.***

  • Now Vitamin B – 50: I was taking 1 capsule with my breakfast.
  • Traumeel: I had bought the oral pills which help in reducing inflammation. I took 3 daily during the first 3 months of the year.
  • NutraSea + D: I put 1 tablespoon into my daily green smoothie.
  • Ubermag: I was taking 2 – 4 capsules a night based on how sore I was from workouts.


  • Pure Encapsulations – NAC was a new supplement I started adding to my regime. I started taking 1 capsule a day. NAC is a free radical scavenger that helps create glutathione in the body. Glutathione is used for maintaining the body’s defense system (immune system).

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23 Degrees Roastery Tour & Giveaway!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. I received product at no cost.

I was introduced to 23 Degree Roastery Coffee 2 years ago at a blogger event at Fuel +. I fell in love with the coffee and the company promise to it’s consumers. When they invited me to tour their facility I jumped at the chance to learn more!


The company name 23 Degrees is inspired by the Bean Belt, the land 23° north and south of the equator, where most of the world’s coffee is grown. But what they want their name to mean to you is down-to-earth, straight forward honesty, high quality, and working partnerships.

The reason why I’ve been buying 23 Degrees at Loblaws for the past few years is because of the following selling points.

• Specialty Grade Green Beans
• Certified Fairtrade
• Certified Organic
• Local Roasting (they are local to Toronto when they say fresh it really is freshly roasted here and then shipped to accounts in Ontario & beyond).
• Freshly Roasted Coffee (I asked and they said from roasting to on shelf in the grocery store is within a week!)


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Spartan Toronto Super & Sprint 2015 Race Recap

This weekend was tough, fantastic, fist pumping amazing and grueling all at once. This was my first time racing back to back days. This was also my first time tackling two Spartan races in one weekend. The Toronto Spartan weekend started with the Sprint distance on Saturday and the Super on Sunday.

Everyone from Alpha Obstacle Training arrived fairly early on Saturday to register, get injuries taped up, apply sunscreen, hydrate, chat with friends we haven’t seen in a while, tie our laces a little tighter, apply war paint and gather in an pre-race circle for a Jesse Bruce motivational pep talk.

Alpha Pep Talk

My friend Allegra joined me for the Sprint on Saturday. She won the Eastern Spartan Race pass that I was giving away on my blog (after winning it at the first Alpha OCR of the year) so she asked if she could run the Toronto Sprint with me. I said of course! I told her she was going to drag my butt up and down the hills of Brimacombe (as she’s a super fast trail runner) and I’d give her some tips on obstacles! She lovingly waited for me as I struggled in the heat. She could’ve beasted the run portions so much faster without me. She tackled so many obstacles for the first time with determination to get them. She got the rope, monkey bars & z walls which can prove challenging for a first timer. She’s definitely going to be a force to be reckoned with if she starts training for these seriously :) Which I’m confident is now going to happen. She asked to come back on Sunday! LOL

Spartan Sprint Elite Heat

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#33ActsofLove Round Up

My birthday came and went. I’m one year older, a little bit wiser, a little bit sillier but so well loved and was hopefully able to spread some love around yesterday that made the world just a little happier and more kind.
33 Acts of Love

Here is all the acts that I was able to do and were done as bday gifts!

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Book Review: Better Than Before

I posted at the end of April that I was diving into Gretchen Rubin‘s new book Better Than Before. It took me a while to finish as I picked up some other books in between reading this one but I’m finished so here is my review!

What says:

From the author of the blockbuster New York Times bestsellers The Happiness Project and Happier at Home comes a book that tackles the question: How do we make good habits that are easy, effortless, and automatic?
Habits are the invisible architecture of our lives. Rubin provides an analytical and scientific framework from which to understand these habits–as well as change them for good. Infused with her compelling voice and funny stories, she illustrates the core principles of habit formation with dozens of strategies that she tests out on herself and others. In doing so, she discovers answers to questions such as:

• At times, I’ve picked up a habit overnight, but other times, it’s taken years to develop. Why?

• Why do some people resist habits, while others adopt them eagerly?

• I want to help my child/spouse/colleagues make a change. What can I do?

• Why do I resist other people’s advice on how to change, even if I think they are right?

• How do I make good habits convenient and easy?

Rubin provides tools to help readers better understand themselves, and presents a clear, practical menu of strategies so readers can take an individualized approach. She tackles each strategy herself, and in doing so shows us the importance of knowing ourselves, and our own habit-tendencies. Armed with self-knowledge, we can pursue the habits in ways that will truly work for us, not against us. Going to the gym can be as easy, effortless, and automatic as putting on a seatbelt. We can file expense reports, take time for fun, or pass up that piece of carrot cake without having to decide. With foundation of good habits, we can build a life that reflects our values and goals.

Better Than Before

What I say: I really enjoyed how Gretchen Rubin researched habits. I love her fresh take on habit making really being based on what type of person you are and practical advice for how to attack new habits and making everyday living better. As an Upholder (someone who responds readily to outer and inner expectations) and an Obliger (someone who meets outer expectations, but struggles to meet expectations they impose on themselves) I enjoyed reading this book because I’m very similar to Gretchen in personality. I’m constantly doling out advice to others to help them improve their world without thinking if it even applies to their style of learning or if they even want new habits. The book gave me a great appreciation for my need to help fix others. It hammered home that someone I need to abstain from bad habits to ensure I’m staying on track. It also confirmed that I need to schedule and have someone keep me accountable to ensure I’m adapting a new good habit into my life. My favourite quote from the book is near the end and exactly speaks to my lifestyle and habit making.

Better Than Before Quote

Happy Reading!

33 Acts Of Love

It’s that time of year again! It’s my birthday week (Birthday – July 16) and I couldn’t be more excited! For the past two years I’ve celebrated by doing random acts of love (ok planned acts of love) and rallying my friends, family & social media community to do one act of love in my honour so all the acts combined add up to my age!

Keep Calm

Here is the round up of how #31actsoflove and #32actsoflove went over the past two years. It warms my heart to read them over again and see all the amazing things people did. I post images all day with a hashtag so people can share in the fun and I love it when my/our social media community post a pic of what they did. This year the hashtag will be #33actsoflove if you’d like to join in on the fun. I’m all about spreading love and smiles around with as many people as possible.

Since I’m turning 33 I will attempt to perform 10 planned acts of love myself and try and get 23 other people to join in on the fun. I’ve said it many times before. It’s actually a selfish way for me to ensure I have an amazing day. If I do things for other people all day that warm fuzzy feeling will outshine what people (including me) have come to expect as a day that people do things for you. I’ve had two amazing birthdays over the past two years so here’s to another great day! Will you join in on the fun?

Here is what I have planned for the day so far…

1. Buy someone coffee behind me in line in the morning

2.Print out happiness quotes and stick them on cars in Liberty Village near my office

3. Give granola bars to the homeless girl I always see near my condo

4. Buy flowers and hand them out to ladies who work in my area at lunch

5. Hand out Kobo gift cards to people reading on the subway

6. Buy healthy cupcakes for Alpha members in the night class I attend (hopefully they don’t read this post lol)

7. Write thank you cards to my co-workers

8. Hand out water bottles to cops monitoring Pan Am street closures near my office.

9. Bring flowers to ladies with no visitors at a retirement home.

10.Get my night concierge a tea for the evening shift start

I need help getting the Acts of Love to add up to 33. Will you do one act of kindness as my birthday present on Thursday, July 16th?

Alpha OCR Race for the Cure Recap

The Alpha OCR Race for the Cure on Saturday was amazing! The turn out was great (there was so many new faces), I had a great race, I got to spend the day with friends, I accomplished a new first and we had amazing weather! Oh and we raised $3,670.60 for the MS Society of Canada!

Mud Pit

Here is the blog post on why we created the race in case you’re just tuning in now.

First off I have to thank Jesse & Megan for putting on an amazing event. When I asked Alpha Obstacle Training if we could dedicate a race to fundraising for MS research they didn’t hesitate in saying yes. I don’t think we knew how crazy it would be to make the race successful while fundraising for the MS Society as well. But we did it and I couldn’t be more grateful to them. As well, Jesse and I should re-think our hat choices if we ever want to look our age in photos.

Megan, Me & Jesse

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Appearance on Breakfast Television

In my quest to promote the Alpha Obstacle Training OCR Race for The Cure I landed us a morning on Breakfast Television! I was able to share my story of living and training with MS and how they facility has rallied to help me fundraise for the MS Society of Canada!

Segment 1 (Interview & Introduction):

Breakfast Television

Segment 2 (I climb the rope!):

Climbing over the Incline Wall:

Segment 3 (Jenn Valentyne on the Incline Wall):

Segment 4 (We teach Jenn Valentyne how to get over the cargo net flip!):

IMG_8778.PNG IMG_8776.JPG

Segment 5 (Mastering the Warp Wall & Tire Flips!):

Register Here:


Bungee Jumping

I put bungee jumping on my summer bucket list this year so when my Alpha Obstacle Training teammate Christine suggested we tackle this when we were in Ottawa for the Spartan Sprint weekend I was immediately raising my hand.

Summer 2015 Bucket List

We chose Great Canadian Bungee as it’s supposed to be the highest jump in Canada at 200 ft (60.96 meters). There is also a 160 ft rebound so you basically get 2 amazing free falls. The jump is over a quarry and the water is an amazing blue and so beautiful. It really was an amazing place.


We were excited but not that excited. I think only a few people were completely fearless the rest of us should’ve invested in depends as we were making pee & soiling ourselves jokes to cut the tension.


I bought the video of my jump to remember it. I also find myself highly entertaining with how long I stood on top of the platform, what I yelled out mid jump and how I chose to use my arms in the jump. I can’t stop laughing at how scared I was at the top of the crane. Here’s how my conversation went with the two guys on the crane.

Smiley Happy Guys Not Jumping: “When you are close to the water put your hands above your head so they hit the water first and not your face.”

Robyn (internal Dialogue): Ok swan dive to dive position, I got this. Don’t hit face first. So many things to remember.

Smiley Happy Guys Not Jumping: “Ok walk towards the edge and put your toes over the edge”

Robyn – slowly inched feet forward

Smiley Happy Guys Not Jumping – close gate behind me.

Robyn – gripping sides of the edge tightly.

Smiley Happy Guys Not Jumping: “Ok we’re going to countdown in 5. 4.”

Robyn: “Ok you’re going to need to give me a second.” Death grip on railing.

Smiley Happy Guys Not Jumping: “Clear your mind, look at the view, breathe deeply”

Robyn: Hearing my Alpha Family yelling at me I yelled weeeee and looked to the left at my friends for moral support.

Smiley Happy Guys Not Jumping: “Clear your mind…”

Robyn – interrupting them. “Ok where is my countdown!”

Smiley Happy Guys Not Jumping: 5. 4. 3. 2. 1.

Robyn – Hands in prayer position for one last call for God Help. Then I think I jump  somewhat gracefully with arms out and then madly wave them above my head like that will stop my fall.

I yell wee, I laugh uncontrollably, I yell wee some more. I also say “It’s eerily quiet out here, where is my Alpha Family?” To which I got no response as I think they were all laughing at me and also freaking out for their turns.

Is bungee jumping on your bucket list this summer? I highly recommend making the drive to Ottawa for this one!

I can’t wait to tackle sky diving next :)