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Wake Surfing Life Lessons

This is my second year wake surfing. Last year at our Kobo cottage day my boss hired a boat & driver. This year he had his own boat but hired the same driver again. I love wake surfing so much. I’m clearly embracing my love of board sports with surfing, snowboarding and now wake surfing in my life. I struggled the first time to get up yesterday and then it was a go for every other ride. The trick is keeping your feet flat on the board, the board perpendicular in the water and both hands on the rope. It’s a balancing act for sure.

Wake Surfing

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Stop The Glorification of Doing Things

My last appointment with my Naturopath, Dr. Rachel Corradetti was going really well. I was super proud of my latest blood work results. I still have more action items to improve my health but I know and understand that it’s an ongoing process.

We discussed reducing my iron levels by decreasing my red meat consumption to only 3 times a week, healing my body after having a few UTIs this year (side effects of MS) and reducing my cortisol levels. The cortisol levels are high probably due to two things. First I’ve been training and racing a lot. Physical stress on the body can increase cortisol levels. In addition even positive eustress of being busy can contribute to high cortisol levels. I am guilty of being addicted to my to do lists. I even say out loud that I’m in a constant rush to do things off my to do list so that I can build my personal brand and business as an author, freelance writer, blogger and brand ambassador. Even listing out everything I do can spike my stress levels. So finally she asked me at the end of our appointment “Why do you need to be Superwoman?” I paused. That was a good question. I turned to her and asked “Are you my therapist or my naturopath?” I laughed nervously. What I love about naturopathic medicine is that they do truly want to find the root of the problem. I don’t necessarily glorify busy (I’ve taught myself to not rush through life) but I do glorify the achievement of to do list checking off which is a similar problem. I know I’ve been able to focus on not being busy for the sake of being busy but I am creating a lot of pressure on my shoulders with this need to do everything on my list.


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Outdoor Rock Climbing

Disclaimer: we traded a tour for exposure on my blog & social media.

I’ve been indoor rock climbing for a few months now with a co-worker at Joe Rockheads around the corner from our office. When I added outdoor rock climbing to the summer bucket list I tried reaching out to a few tour guides on Twitter and googled a few tour groups until I found Escarpment Outdoor Adventures. Dave the owner was awesome. We arranged for a Saturday in August where I wasn’t racing and I brought my co-worker & climbing partner Bessie along with me. Unfortunately, Dave injured himself the day before so he put us in the care of Jared a capable guide.

Rattlesnake Point

He set up our top ropes with ease and even explained which knots he was using. Once it was set up we walked down and around we ended up doing my favourite climb of the day first.

Ready to Climb

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How to Heal After Cancelling Your Wedding

Disclaimer: This post is not my usual. This will not be for the normal Alpha Female blog crew.

This is being posted on the anniversary of the day I was supposed to be married in 2012. While the pain of the day is gone. While I’ve emerged on the other side of my healing journey happier and emotionally healthier, the day still brings back painful memories. This post is therapy for me however, by sharing this vulnerable piece of me I do hope this can help one other woman (or man) get through something this painful.

There is no manual for cancelling your wedding. There is no Pinterest board where you can find a checklist on what to do first. There are no self-development books I found that I could’ve read before this happened. When planning a wedding you are only seeking out articles on picking your wedding colours and the best wedding favours for guests. You aren’t seeking information on what is the best way to cancel a venue. There are no quotes to tell you how you should feel. There is just feelings of embarrassment, of failure, of hurt and of pain. There is no manual to tell you how to cancel your wedding but I’m hoping I can help ease your pain with how I went about cancelling mine and starting to heal in the immediate weeks after I called mine off.

After cancelling your wedding

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Night SUP

After an amazing first time class with SUP Girlz, John and I had the chance to try their night SUP class! After 4 or 5 times of scheduling the class in our calendars only to have it cancelled due to weather problems we were really excited when Saturday night the weather finally cooperated with our schedules. We headed down early to ensure we were on time.

I wore running shorts & a long sleeve shirt. I tried out a Starboard board this time. I didn’t like it as much as the Tuga boards we were on last time. The Starboard boards were wider and every paddle turned the board substantially so I had to keep switching sides each stroke versus a few strokes each side on the Tugas.

Night SUP

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It’s almost been a week since I risked my life jumping out of a plane. After an emotional but amazingly fun day I’m finally taking a moment to relive the day.

One of my good friends from high school is also a bit of an adrenaline junkie so we decided to book skydiving at Skydive Toronto. Mike brought his girlfriend Monica and the three of us decided to sign our lives away. The day resulted in this epic photo so you know I had a good time in the air!

The Face Sky Diving

I arrived at Skydive Toronto a bit before 9am. They ushered us into a video room where we watched a 30 min video about the rules & regulations of jumping, our rights and instructions on how our jump would go. This crazy long bearded man was our instructor and although hilarious to be taught by this video, based on the amount of people going through the facility I’m pretty sure they can afford an updated video from this century.

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Cyber Bullying, Our Ego & Keep On Keeping On

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WARNING: I did something I shouldn’t have done.

When I googled myself yesterday to see what the 1st 2 pages of my google rankings are looking like I was shocked to find an internet thread on the horrid site Get Off My Internets (GOMI) attacking me. This site is pure hatred and shouldn’t exist but then again I can’t control the world so I should’ve known this would eventually happen by the amount of things I share publicly and how vulnerable I try to be.

Mistake Number 1: I clicked on the link and read the entire thread. It is my fault for doing that and no one else’s.

Mistake Number 2: I let my ego be upset by what I read. Yes I am human and tried to explain that it was ok to cry but I let myself read horrible words that I know were going to be in the post.

Correction Number 1: I immediately sought out my family & friends who would put me back into the right frame of mind. I shared a picture of trolls and wanting to hug trolls on my Instagram to one reach out to them with positivity and get back the positivity I needed to pull myself out of upset.

Correction Number 2: I posted in the private facebook group Xen Bliss Community because I knew I would get the immediate love (even if it was tough) that I needed to be put back into a safe space of positivity and awesomeness.

If you have ever dealt with Cyber Bullies or Anonymous Hate I have 5 things I’d like you do to do.

  1. DO NOT CLICK ON THE GOMI THREAD AND READ IT (please don’t actually search for mine and read it). The internet trolls do not deserve a second of our time and I have already made the mistake for you to learn from. I have already dedicated too much time to their hate.
  2. If you do because you didn’t read number 1 then allow yourself to cry it out and feel that pain and then move the F on as fast as possible because internet bullies who don’t truly know us don’t deserve our time that we could be dedicating to bettering ourselves.
  3. Watch Rebekah Borucki’s Scope Below for the tough love she gave me.

4. I create a safe space for myself to keep on being Robyn Baldwin – Alpha Female. I’m not going to change who I am or what I put out there. For those of you who think I’m your cup of tea and give back all the positivity I put out there, THANK YOU. You are my tribe and I adore you and thank you for being exactly what I need on a daily basis.

5. I did learn from the GOMI that I can do a better job of explaining what Alpha Female means to me. I also learned that I may have met one of them in person and didn’t come off across the way they thought. I can always be more kinder, I can always fight through being shy when meeting people and if you don’t like me then we weren’t meant to vibe and connect :)

HAVE AN AMAZING DAY! You too internet trolls if you read this! You deserve to have an amazing day too!

Tough Mudder Toronto 2015 Recap

I have had the distinct non-pleasure of tackling Tough Mudder twice before. I say non-pleasure because in 2013 I barely made it out alive with mild hypothermia (I’m being dramatic) and last year spent 6 hours in the cold cold rain with my friend Alan an my robo cops (male fitness competitors). So this year I started a week before the event doing fancy good weather dances to Mother Nature herself and she listened by giving us a nice old heat wave :)

TM 2013

Jessica Portelance & I having fun in 2013

TM 2014

Me & The Boys 2014

So this year when all of a sudden a massive number of Alpha OT peeps said they were running Mudder we decided to bring back the fun into our “racing”. We promised to all stick together and it made for an amazing day! We got there as early as possible, put on our war paint and headed over to the start area. In the warm up corral we found 2 random tutus so everyone had to wear them at least twice. You’d run, do an obstacle in the tutu and hand it off. I had the joy of doing the monkey bars & balls to the wall obstacle in them :)

Monkey Bars


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Meal Prep Monday

Despite an eventful weekend I managed to grocery shop on Sunday in Kensington Market and get my meal prep on!

Pictured below:

Top Containers: Left over custom grain bowl from Urban Herbivore with Beets, Carrots, Kimchi, Mushrooms & Broccoli

Middle Containers: Crock Pot Chicken (cooked overnight on low) with Turmeric & Black Pepper in Chicken Broth + Broccoli

Bottom Containers: Quinoa & Purple Cabbage Salad and Kale Salad with Pumpkin, Sunflower & Hemp Seeds, Gogi Berries – Dressing: Olive Oil, Apple Cider Vinegar & Dill

Meal Prep

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Resilient Women in Fitness

I had the honour to be invited to the Women in Fitness Who Influence Luncheon on Thursday, Aug 13th to kick off the Can Fit Pro Toronto Convention. I was invited by the lovely Sarah Ohm and I’m so grateful for the invite! I got to sit with her and my blogger friend Krysten from Darwinian Fail.

We heard from some amazing speakers and many of them said at least one thing that stuck in my brain and I’d love to share with you. The word that stuck in my head the most is Resilience. Every woman has a massive dose of resilience inside her and here is how they inspired me throughout the morning.


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