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Healthy Daily Afternoon/Evening Habits

Last week I shared my healthy daily morning habits. I was going to share all my daily habits in one post but it just became too long for even my attention span. So I’ve broken out my afternoon & evening habits below.


Habit: Drink Matcha Tea or Chaga Mushroom Tea | Reason: both have a small dose of caffeine so if I’m feeling a bit sluggish this helps energize me. However the real reason why I drink both of these is to give my body a great dose of antioxidants. | Science: MatchaChaga

Matcha Green Tea

Habit: Go for a quick walk | Reason: Brain break and fresh air


Habit: Edit & Schedule Blog Post for Mon, Weds or Friday Blog Posts | Reason: Most days I get all my blog posts written for the week on the weekend or in the morning before I head to the office. I will tend to review posts I’ve written in the morning, edit them and then schedule them in wordpress to post on Monday, Weds and Friday at 8am.

Habit: Epsom Salt Bath with Lavender Essential Oil | Reason: trigger my body into knowing it’s going to bed soon, relax my muscles from workouts and decrease stress and tension in my body. | Science:

Epsom Salt Bath

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Wedding Cancellation Checklist

Over the past 3 years I’ve opened up three times on the blog about a time in my life that was quite painful. I was engaged to be married on August 25, 2012 and called off the wedding a month before. As I open up on the blog through different posts and allowing myself to be vulnerable I heal a little bit more. At the end of 2012 I shared my lessons learned. A year after I called off my wedding in August of 2013 I shared my story about how one year after the relationship ended went. In 2014 I stay mute but in 2015 on the day that was supposed to be my wedding I talked about what steps I took to heal after calling off my wedding. In that blog I mentioned that I methodically worked through my wedding cancellation checklist.

After reading that post one of my friends messaged me and mentioned that I should offer it to others looking for guidance. As I work on my first full length book Love Lost, Life Found about how I lost a relationship but gained an amazing, I knew I’d be including it in the appendix of the book. However there really isn’t any reason at all why I can’t share it now.

I’ve recorded a video for brides who may be faced with cancelling their wedding. I’ve put the cancellation checklist in PDF form (including an email template of what to send to your guests to let them know it’s been cancelled). You can watch the video and get the checklist at the link below.

Click here to go to

What I will ask of you is please share this with anyone that you know that is in need of this. This isn’t something people talk about and there really are minimal resources out there on how to deal with this type of storm in your life so please share if you can help someone else with this.

Healthy Daily Morning Habits

I’m always looking for ways to optimize my health. Lately I’ve been trying to implement a few new healthy habits to my routine. I tend to batch habits together and organize them by time of day so I don’t overwhelm myself at any one time and spread them out so I’m not trying to do everything when I wake up. I wanted to write out everything I do on a daily basis so I could see where I could slot in 4 new habits. I’ve been really trying every day to oil pull, dry brush, tongue scrape and do a daily devotional. I’ve been able to incorporate a daily devotional practice for the past week so that’s a big win for me. I wrote everything out that I currently do and then slotted in my new habits. This post got so long that I broke it up into two. This one is all about my morning habits and next week I’ll share afternoon & evening habits.

When you write things down they tend to stick better!

Healthy Daily Habits


Habit: Oil Pulling (trying to establish) | Reason: Better oral health, better overall health | Science: US National Library of Medicine | Anecdote: Sometimes I’m really consistent with this. I’ll wake up first thing, walk to my kitchen and put a small spoon of coconut oil into my mouth and swish for 20 mins and then other days I just forget. I’m making a promise to myself now that it will be the first thing I do after getting out of bed.

Habit: Dry Brushing (yet to establish) | Reason: Exfoliation, stimulate lymphathic system, reduce cellulite and unclog pores | Science: | Anecdote: I have a shower every morning. The days that I get ready at home I need to make it a priority to jump in the shower and dry brush before I turn on the water. I need to find a portable dry brush I can bring with me on days I go to the gym first and get ready there. Continue reading

CMC Leadership Training

I spent last Friday in a CMC (Canadian Management Centre) leadership course called “Go Beyond: Creating Extraordinary Leaders”. I was a bit skeptical going into the day but actually ended up thoroughly enjoying it. It’s very true that you only get out of these courses what you put in and how open your mind is to learning.

Go Beyond

Our instructor did a great set up for the course, took us through what we’d be learning, our objectives for the day and was personable and well spoken. The day was set up to cover 3 major sessions: what is leadership, dealing with challenges and then our DISC personality assessments and how to apply them.

I enjoyed discussing the role of a leader first. All of the things covered were things we should already know but I liked covering them again to get our mindset in the right place. Everything was presented in an interesting way to distill the information for us.

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Spartan Race Vermont Beast 2015 Race Recap

This is going to be my very first less than positive race review!

I came to conquer the Killington Vermont, Spartan founder’s race and I was less than impressed with Spartan Race. It will take a lot of convincing for me to ever recommend this race to anyone. Here is how the race went and I’ll cover all my constructive feedback as I go.

We drove to VT early Friday morning. We left Toronto around 7am and drove through the Kingston border. It was a really pretty windy drive and we got into Killington by dinner time. We found the mountain, found our chalet, ate dinner and turned in early to get our sleep. I dreamt about the mountain all night so I knew I was a bit intimidated.

Killington, VT

Saturday morning came and we were ready to tackle the race. Breakfast started with lemon water and then oatmeal with banana and coffee. I mixed up some Kronobar Beet powder into my water bottle, packed my water pack with my nutrition for on course and packed a bag of essentials (towel, plastic bags, flip flops, etc) to take with me for after the race. My fueling strategy at the Ottawa Beast was on point so I repeated what worked well for me. I started the day with Kronobar beet powder 1 hour before the race. 15 mins before the start I took 2 Magnum Rocket Science capsules and the Gu Roctane (pictured below). While on course I consumed a gel every 45 mins. I started with Endurance Tap, took the salted watermelon Gu and consumed the Honey Stinger Chews. I only consumed 2 bags of electrolytes and one larabar on course but I’m glad I had everything with me.


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Evolution of Medicine Summit

Chronic diseases could kill 52 million per year…

Today, our healthcare system works well when you have an emergency, but to treat chronic illnesses like heart disease, diabetes, obesity and auto-immune disorders/diseases, we need to reinvent healthcare to help everyone live a longer, happier and healthier life. The Evolution of Medicine Summit can help us avoid chronic diseases, keep our families healthy and discover healthcare that actually works!

WHEN? September 21 – 28, 2015





There are 30+ presentations that promise to give me the information to effectively prevent and manage chronic disease. They are going to discuss:

  • Our current health system and its limitations (plus, alternatives we can access!)
  • How to take advantage of health technology
  • Share their vision for an empowered, proactive and participatory healthcare system
  • Discuss preventing chronic disease and taking control of our health today (obviously as I live with MS I’m fascinated to see how it applies to me).

Join me at The Evolution of Medicine Summit!

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Here are a few of the incredible experts that I’m looking forward to their talks: 

  • Tosca Reno, Catalyzing Incredible Health (Tuesday)
  • David Perlmutter, MD, The Gut, Brain and Chronic Disease (Saturday)
  • Amy Myers, MD, AutoImmune Care from Scratch (Thursday)
  • Mickey Trescott, Eating to avoid Autoimmunity (Friday)
  • Eric Zielinski, MD, The Power of Essential Oils in Healthcare (Monday)


With 30+ presenters sharing their expertise about healthcare, this invaluable (and FREE) resource is intended for patients and practitioners everywhere! Here is a link to the full schedule of talks.

And if you register today, you’ll have access to the following FREE GIFTS as soon as you register!

  • Free Gift #1: Chris Kresser’s talk, “Healthcare from Scratch,” which discusses the key role of the “exposome” in chronic disease, evolutionary mismatch and its relevance to medicine and his insights on scaling the foundations of “healthcare from scratch”
  • Free Gift #2: Evolution of Medicine Founder James Maskell’s talk, “Evolution or Revolution? The Rationale for Healthcare from Scratch,” which discusses learnings from the 2014 Evolution of Medicine Summit and the 8 opposites that demand truly demand an environment for creating “healthcare from scratch.”

Don’t forget to Register!

I’ll see you at the summit!

MS – 10 Months Update

Disclaimer: I share my MS journey to help inform others of what is possible in this world. Please work with your physician or health care team to educate yourself and before implementing any new treatments.

I haven’t done an MS focused post in a while. I’ve been doing lots of things to treat my sidekick and posting tidbits here and there on social media but haven’t taken the time to do anything in specific for the blog. As you can see at the top of this blog I’ve added a disclaimer. After finding out I was the target of some internet trolls I feel the need to remind everyone that this is my personal journey. I am documenting it on the blog so I can track my progress first and foremost. Secondly I do want to be of assistance to help anyone newly diagnosed (or even someone who’s been living with MS for years and is seeking new answers) so that they can potentially navigate living with MS in a way that speaks to them. I also want to hopefully inspire those around me to be proactive with their health so that they never have to deal with living with a disease.  I am self educating myself as I go. I am by no means an expert or exclaim that I am but I have a pretty great brain that has been trained by curious parents and a higher education that allows me to do the research and then bring my findings to a large health care team that are all playing a part in my care. The internet attack was very much directed at how I’ve chosen to live with MS. I was a bit shocked that my personal choices, that really only affect me, could be so polarizing.

I am still treating myself holistically. I chose not to go on a disease modification drug. My choice was PERSONAL because the efficacy percentages of the drug are low and the side effects can be many and diminish MY quality of life. That is not to say that I don’t believe they work. One of my friends was diagnosed within the same month as me and she is on Tecfidera and it’s working for her. My choice to not go on the drug was rooted in the belief that if I treat myself naturally AND with drugs, I won’t know what’s working. I chose to become my own science experiment so I can see if I can live without attacks by natural treatments first. My decision was always that if my disease progressed I would re-evaluate my choice at the time. So dear internet trolls don’t get your knickers all in a knot because I made a personal choice for my OWN health care because it’s working and I know I made the absolutely best decision for me. Do you and I’ll do me and we’ll all be a happy internet family (or not).

At the 7 month mark I had two MRIs that gave me beyond good news and affirmed my health care choices. I have been able to live a healthy, full and active life while reducing inflammation in my body. I’ve allowed my body to thrive. I have no new lesions which means my T cells aren’t confused and eating away at my myelin sheath. I should’ve celebrated this news way more than I did.

So how am I doing now…

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Camp Yoga

Camp Yoga was everything you could imagine from an adult summer camp retreat where you do yoga and camp things! I had the most amazing re-energizing, relaxing while tiring and fantastically fun weekend! I know it sounds like a lot but it was a jam packed weekend of awesomeness.

Camp Yoga took place Sept 11 – 13, 2015 at Camp Manitou near Parry Sound. I drove up early Friday morning with my co-worker Bessie just in time to find my friend Allegra who showed us to our cabin. We then headed over to the main field for opening ceremonies which was of course a yoga jam class taught by a few of the instructors and the founder of Camp Yoga, Chesley Long (who is also a good friend of mine)!

Camp Yoga

After you registered for the weekend we were sent a link to their mindbody online schedule so that we could pick our own schedule for the weekend. There were so many classes and activities to choose from that there was endless possibilities for fun. I tried to jam as much into my days as possible but was even able to change my mind on the spot at camp by logging into the app on my phone and re-arranging my schedule. I started off with canoeing with Allegra. We are both summer camp kids so we grabbed lifejackets, paddles, the first canoe we saw and just took off. I wasn’t feeling that great so we only stayed on the water for 30 mins before heading back. Luckily we did, because on our way back we saw something swimming across the channel. First we though beaver, then we saw bigger ears. I thought maybe it was a baby moose so we started paddling as fast as we could. We arrived just in time to see a teenage bear climb out of the water which was pretty crazy!


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Book Review: The New One Minute Manager

What says:

The New One Minute Manager offers a way for you to succeed sooner with less stress in changing times—both at work and at home. Based on the original book The One Minute Manager that helped millions of people around the world in organizations large and small, this new version of the classic story deals with a new world. The book will help you find meaning in your work and inspire you to discover new ways to help your organization adapt and prosper.

The New One Minute Manager is a concise, easily read story that reveals three very practical secrets: One Minute Goals, One Minute Praisings, and One Minute Re-Directs, the new third secret. The story is based on studies in the behavioral sciences and medicine that support why these apparently simple methods work so well with so many people. And by the book’s end, you will know how to apply what you discover to your own situation and enjoy the benefits.

One Minute Manager

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Learning to Forage for Spring Water

There are two Gillian’s in my life that have inspired me to learn how to forage for Spring Water. Gillian Mandich and I had coffee recently and she mentioned she was going to do a Spring Water run to Chalk Lake and then I remember seeing something on Gillian B’s blog about the same thing. I started doing some more research and wondered if this was a habit I should start to adopt.

In my quest to lead a healthy life I’ve been doing really well in the sleep, nutrition, fitness and supplementation categories but reducing my toxic load was next on my list. Water consumption was on my list of things to research so off I went and in a few days decided I’d try this whole foraging for Spring Water trend.

Here is the process of my research:

  1. How does Toronto currently process our drinking water? Although they remove bacteria, algae and micro-organisms they do add chlorine & fluoride.
  2. Toronto explains safety concerns about added chemicals to the water.
  3. I started researching fluoride and since there is a ton of information for and against fluoridation I am of the mindset that I can create healthy oral health without fluoride (I’ve been turning down fluoride at my dentist for a few years) so I’m choosing to reduce the amount of things my body is exposed to.

How to forage for Spring Water?

  1. Buy glass containers to harvest and store. I found 2 Glass carbuoys on kijiji for $10! The reason behind this is there is also a school of thought that plastic chemicals despite being BPA free can still leach into what’s being stored in them.
  2. Find a local spring. There is a great website called I chose Chalk Lake due to proximity.
  3. I headed up to the area with my friend John. We did a trail run for 2 hours off the nearby Lakeridge Ski Resort. Combining a workout and spring water foraging made the trip totally worth it!
  4. Trail RunWash sweaty face in Spring Water, fill containers, head home!

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