Over the past few months, I’ve had the joy of traveling to many Camp Yoga locations. In August I was in the Catskill mountains for Camp Yoga NY and then back to Camp Manitou for Camp Yoga ON and then back to Camp Chief Hector for Camp Yoga AB.

I’ve partnered with Camp Yoga to build a dōTERRA business with them and get to travel to each location to teach workshops and host a vendor booth. I teach an Essential Oils 101 class and then an Essential Emotions class with a Forgiveness Meditation.

At Camp Yoga ON, I moved several attendees to tears which wasn’t my intention at all but my heart was beyond full knowing that I may have facilitated some emotional processing, healing (depending on where they are in their journey of process past hurt or trauma) or held space for just feeling emotions that may have been buried.

In my journey, forgiveness is something that I’m learning to understand personally but hosting these sessions opened up my eyes to an entirely new world of how other’s perceive the concept.

According to the dictionary, forgive and forgiveness has many meanings

I myself, at one time really didn’t want to forgive certain people in my life because I understood that to mean I was letting them off the hook for things they had done to me. I have since evolved my concept of forgiveness and now understand the concept to be one that lightens my burden. That allows me to show love and forgiveness towards another human being who may just be hurting immensely themselves.

I have come to understand forgiveness as a choice I make that doesn’t excuse behaviour or accept it but simply to allow their choice to no longer destroy my heart.

With a drop of Forgive by dōTERRA in the palms of our hands, rubbed together and inhaled deeply and then placed over our hearts I am grateful for being empowered with a meditation that has allowed myself to cut the chord between myself and those that have hurt me in the past.

What I love about the emotional aromatherapy blends by dōTERRA is that it allows us to create an intention for how we want to feel in our day. When we consciously set an intention for ourselves we are able to create an environment of support around promoting feelings we’d like to feel such as contentment, relief instead of anger or hurt or sadness.

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