Goal Setting and Planning Made Easy

A step-by-step process to help side hustlers prioritize, plan goals and create a simple, stress free to do list.

Are you ready to have a to do list that doesn't stress you out?

When it comes to goal setting, prioritizing and making to do lists I'm going to guess the following thoughts come to mind:

  • My mind won't stop reeling at night
  • I have so many great ideas but I don't know where to start
  • I have so many great ideas but I can't implement
  • I can never get everything done that I want to
  • My to do list just keeps getting longer instead of shorter
  • I feel like all I do is daily chores versus going after goals I want to achieve in my life

Imagine being able to set clear goals and prioritize based on how you want to feel.

Imagine what it will feel like to simplify your daily to do list to reduce overwhelm, stress and anxiety.

After making the goal setting process so complicated every year I needed to create a step by step process that filled my life with ease.

In 2016, I used this method to launch a podcast, write a book, create this product, stay on top of my blog, take 3 vacations, manage freelance writing deadlines and fill my life with adventure and love while working full time.

The Goal Digger's Workbook includes 9 Modules

The workbook walks you through the step-by-step process of prioritizing happiness, setting goals that speak to your soul, narrowing down long term and short term goals to a daily to do list that involves tackling only 3 things a day.

  • Module 1 - Life Categories

    You’ll take time to rank how happy you are in different life categories. From there you’ll learn to focus on areas of your life that you want to improve as your top priorities.

  • Module 2 - Core Desired Feelings

    Here you’ll use Danielle Laporte’s Desire Map planning to find out how you want to feel before you even write down one goal.

  • Module 3 - Key Priority

    By focusing on one key priority you’ll get more focused and know how to create your goals around your key priority.

  • Module 4 & 5 - Long & Short Term Goals

    Here you’ll take time to set long & short term goals for the year.

  • Module 6 & 7 - Calendar Mapping & 3 Monthly Goals

    From there you’ll pull out your calendar and map things out for the year that are date specific, from there you’ll map out your long and short terms goals so you don’t overwhelm yourself in specific months. After that you’ll map out 3 monthly goals for yourself to get to your long & short term goals.

  • Module 8 & 9 - 3 Weekly/Daily Tasks & Review/Reassess/Reignite

    The magic number 3 shows up again when we start breaking down our 3 Monthly Goals into 3 weekly and then 3 daily tasks. A to do list of 3 items only? Your sanity with thank you. I always build in time throughout the year to review, reassess where my goals are and reignite my spirit if they are still goals I want to tackle.

Say Goodbye to Endless To Do Lists

Say hello to...


Prioritizing with Ease

No More Overwhelm

Productivity Minus The Stress

Launch Pricing! The Goal Digger's Workbook Costs $47 USD

See What Others Are Already Saying About The Goal Digger's Workbook

This workbook helped keep what is important to me in focus and less all over the place & seeming so unattainable to me. Setting out my long term goals into monthly goals over the course of the next year eliminated SO much added anxiety that I did not even realize I had. It made me even more motivated to tackle them once I broke them down into micro size bites!

Em Haas Em Haas

Love, love, love the Goal Digger's Workbook! It was so easy for me to get started and focus on my goals after writing them out. So thankful for this!

Hayley Dunham Hayley Dunham

After working through Robyn's fabulous goal planner this year, I immediately began to set my goals for the year. I loved how she set it up and that one part builds on the other. For me I have been a follower of Danielle Laporte's goal setting method and I really enjoyed how Robyn incorporated that into her planner. This is a fantastic resource for those that are wanting to bust out of the typical goal setting and really set their goals and dreams ablaze with heart lead change. Robyn's enthusiasm for helping others, is clear throughout the guide, and having her as your personal cheerleader is very motivating.

Shannon Cadieux Shannon Cadieux

She does it again ladies and gentlemen! Robyn Baldwin’s “Goal Digger’s Workbook” is exactly where you need to start to crush even your biggest goals. If you’ve ever found yourself creating New Year’s Resolutions, watching them float out into the world, only to revisit them twelve month later, this guide will help you break down your dreams into attainable goals. Utilizing a practical approach to managing a full schedule and life, Robyn makes creating to-do lists a breeze, helping even the most astray realize how truly capable they are of reaching their goals. Robyn walks you through each of the modules with examples and hints, focusing on developing your Core Desired Feelings for the year ahead. For both personal and professional goal setting, this tool will help ignite your passion for success and drive you into creating intentional goals. Now get to it Goal Diggers!

Jaclyn King Jaclyn King

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q.When will I get my Goal Digger's Workbook?

    A.About 15 minutes after your purchase is complete, you will receive a welcome email to create a login for my Member’s Site where you will login and find the download information.

  • Q.How long will I have access to the Workbook?

    A.You get lifetime access to The Goal Digger’s Workbook including all future updates!

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