The Alpha Female Podcast

The Alpha Female Podcast


The Alpha Female Podcast is a weekly podcast designed to inspire you to live like an Alpha Female. An Alpha Female is a powerful and assertive woman. Her confidence is due to being an intelligent and intellectual problem-solver. Being an Alpha Female is a State of Mind based on choosing ambition and being proud of it. She strives for a happy and healthy work/life harmony. Robyn Baldwin interviews other Alpha Females to find out their tips & tricks to fit in fitness, health & nutrition habits into their daily lives, decrease stress and wind down at night and what makes them happy so they can take care of themselves and those around them.

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Episode 00: Who is Robyn Baldwin and why did she create this podcast? – Show Notes

Episode 01: A Financial Alpha Female with Shannon Lee Simmons – Show Notes

Episode 02: Superhero Mom, Alpha Female & Entrepreneur Nicole Culver – Show Notes

Episode 03: Living Large and Having Fun with the Queen of Networking Mia Voss – Show Notes

Episode 04: A Sacred Rebel, Brand Writer and Content Strategist Alpha Female with Ashley Marie Wilson – Show Notes

Episode 05: A Tough Girl and Alpha Female Entrepreneur with Sarah Williams – Show Notes

Episode 06: A Brand Message Wordsmith & Entrepreneur Alpha Female with Tennile Cooper – Show Notes

Episode 07: A Neuroscientist, Health Coach & Sugar Free Alpha Female with Alison Smith – Show Notes

Episode 08: A Big Break Media Strategist, Producer & Alpha Female Podcaster with Gwen Elliot – Show Notes

Episode 09: Blissed In with Mother of 5, Meditation Guru & YouTuber Rebekah Borucki – Show Notes

Episode 10: An Alpha Female Wellness & Business Strategist & CEO of Secrets of a Side Hustler with Chivon John – Show Notes

Episode 11: Holistic Wellness Community Leader, Wife and Alpha Female Mama Ange Peters – Show Notes

Episode 12: Fitness Competitor, Baking App Creator, Belly Dancer & Alpha Female Dirt Biker Heidi Cannon – Show Notes

Episode 13: Sport Psychologist, Mother of Twins + Another Little and Sports Enthusiast Dr. Ariane Machin – Show Notes

Episode 14: Serial Entrepreneur, Former Sweaty Betty, Alpha Female Danny J Makes People More Awesome(r) – Show Notes

Episode 15: PHD Chasing, Happiness Science Expert & Eloquent Alpha Female Gillian Mandich – Show Notes

Episode 16: Fasting Pro, At Home Fitness Expert and Alpha Female Dr. Sara Solomon – Show Notes

Episode 17: Fitness Cover Model, Personal Trainer, Dog Lover & Alpha Female Life Lover Kyla Gagnon – Show Notes

Episode 18 – Life Coach, Workshop & Retreat Leader & Alpha Female Melanie Fitzpatrick – Show Notes

Episode 19: Cover Model, Sponsored Athlete, Fitness Franchise Owner & Alpha Female Adventurer Holly Barker – Show Notes

Episode 20: Network Marketing Pro, Holistic Health Coach & Alpha Female Entrepreneur Brittany McLean – Show Notes

Episode 21:  Author, Motivational Speaker & Alpha Female Lifestyle Coach Annick Magac – Show Notes

Episode 22: YouTuber, Business Coach & Alpha Female Public Speak Amy Schmittauer – Show Notes

Episode 23: Wellness Entrepreneur, Networking Marketing Pro & Alpha Female Mother Carol Elizabeth – Show Notes

Episode 24: Photographer, Rocking Vibe Designer & Alpha Female Mama Liana Louzon – Show Notes

Episode 25: Media Personality, Social Activist & Alpha Female Storyteller Jahmeelah Gamble – Show Notes

Episode 26: Real Estate Investor, Author & Financially Fabulous Alpha Female Limor Markman – Show Notes

Episode 27: Holistic Nutritionist & Alpha Female Writer Sarah Berneche – Show Notes

Episode 28: Holistic Nutritionist & Self-Love Advocate Meg Doll – Show Notes

Episode 29: Earn Your Happy Podcaster, Network Marketing Pro, Fitness Cover Model, ALpha Female Entrepreneur & Self-Love Junkie Lori Harder – Show Notes

Episode 30: Health Coach, Endurance & Obstacle Course Racer, Blogger and Alpha Female Bucket List Maker Ekaterina Solovieva – Show Notes

Episode 31: Sexy Food Therapist, Writer, YouTuber and Alpha Female Media Darling Melissa Ramos – Show Notes

Episode 32: Rule Breaker and Alpha Female Copy Writer Courtney Johnston – Show Notes

Episode 33: Food Philosopher, Author, Return to Food Academy Founder & Alpha Female Sherry Strong – Show Notes

Episode 34: Affirmation Station Author, Dreamer, Jewellery Designer & Alpha Female Crown Wearer Tania Antionio – Show Notes

Episode 35: Chief Alpha Female, New Author, Marketing Manager, Blogger, Alpha Female Podcaster Robyn Baldwin – Show Notes

Episode 36: Blogger, Entrepreneur and Producer of Black, Married & Hustling Alpha Female LC Johnson – Show Notes

Episode 37: Fitness Expert, Women’s Transformation Coach, Author and Alpha Female Entrepreneur Karen Gallagher – Show Notes

Episode 38: Diet Recovery Expert, Fitness Coach, Writer and Alpha Female Network Marketing Pro Camy Kennedy – Show Notes

Episode 39: Co-Founder of MintPear Beauty, Mama, Wife & Alpha Female Master Esthetician Rita Almusa – Show Notes

Episode 40: Women’s Mindset and Meditation Coach, Attorney & Alpha Female Kundalini Yoga Teacher Monica Reyes – Show Notes

Episode 41: Certified Coach, Speaker, Bombshell Business Podcast Host and Alpha Female Amber Hurdle – Show Notes

Episode 42: Motivational Speaker, Solution Finder, Cover Model, Online Coach, Wife & Alpha Female Mama Rita Catolino – Show Notes

Episode 43: Cover Model, Bikini Champion, Founder of The Fit Girl and Alpha Female Mama Chady – Show Notes

Episode 44: Life Coach, Life Mapper, Fitness Instructor and Former TV Producer Alpha Female Sharon Stokes – Show Notes

Episode 45: Spiritual Life Coach, Best Selling Author, Meditation Guide and Singer/Songwriter Alpha Female Heather Waxman – Show Notes

Episode 46: Tiny Devotions Founder, Private Jet & Angel Investor Alpha Female Diana House – Show Notes

Episode 47: Anatomy Geek, Yoga & Tune Up Teacher and Alpha Female Wellness Manager Jenna Switzer – Show Notes

Episode 48: Chief Knixpert and Alpha Female Underwear Entrepreneur Joanna Griffiths – Show Notes

Episode 49: Fitness Studio Owner, Fitness Competitor, Obstacle Course Racer and Alpha Female Author Linda Mitchell – Show Notes

Episode 50: What I’ve Learned From Other Alpha Females in 49 Episodes! – Show Notes

Episode 51: Body Connection Obsessed, Coffee Addict and Alpha Female Yoga Tune Up Instructor Suncana Selimovic – Show Notes

Episode 52: Realtor, Public Speaker, Author and Alpha Female Lost to Found Creator Rachel Adams – Show Notes

Episode 53: Fitness Trainer, IFBB Pro and Alpha Female Powerlifter Kaylie Klitzing – Show Notes

Episode 54: Dirt In Your Skirt Creator, Author, Editor-In-Chief and Alpha Female Urban Farmer – Show Notes

Episode 55: Professional Boxer, Kickboxer and Alpha Female Creator of I AM Initiative Lisa Van Ahn – Show Notes

Episode 56: Alternative Model, Online Entrepreneur, Alpha Female Husky Mom & Adventurer Amber Eve – Show Notes

Episode 57: Author, Speaker, Finance Personality & Alpha Female Educator Lesley-Anne Scorgie – Show Notes

Episode 58: Podcaster, Personal Trainer, Yoga Teacher & Alpha Female Mindset Shifter Andrea Claassen – Show Notes

Episode 59: Visibility Strategist & Alpha Female Vitality PR Principal Lisa Simone Richards – Show Notes

Episode 60: YouTuber & Alpha Female Fitness Personality Anastasiya Gorshkova – Show Notes

Episode 61: Author, Entrepreneur & Alpha Female Creator of SheTakesOnTheWorld Natalie MacNeil – Show Notes

Episode 62: Holisitic Nutrionist & Alpha Female Obstacle Course Racer Melissa Boufounos – Show Notes

Episode 63: Chiropractor & Alpha Female Health & Wellness Pro Dr. Nekessa Remy – Show Notes