SeaWheeze Half Marathon 2016 Race Recap

SeaWheeze Half Marathon Number 2 is now in the Books!

SeaWheeze Half Marathon

In 2013, I ran this race as my very first half marathon ever! In the past 2 years I ran Toronto Tough Mudder on the same weekend so I haven’t been able to come back until this year. The day of registration for the 2016 race I waited patiently for the flood gates to open and was one of the lucky ones who made it in within the 2 minute time frame it took before it sold out.

I booked an airbnb right downtown on Richards & Pender which was 2 -3 blocks away from the Convention Centre and starting line. It was the perfect location and allowed me to explore the nearby Gastown for culinary delights. The last time I was here I didn’t get to indulge in the amazing healthy restaurants but made a point to crowdsource places I’d enjoy this time.

I asked my Vancouver friends for gluten & dairy free friendly restaurants and made a list. I arrived Thursday morning and started out with lunch at Meet in Gastown.

Meet in Gastown

I ordered the Sunshine Salad which consisted of romaine, kale, hemp hearts, shredded beet & carrots and the freshest cucumber & zucchini I’ve ever tasted. The dressing was crisp and tangy.

Sunshine Salad

Revolver Coffee was recommended to me for a java hit and I randomly walked by it on my way back to my airbnb after lunch. It was a pretty hot day so I grabbed a cold brew bottle and pulled out my laptop to knock more items off my book publishing to do list.

Revolver Coffee

Revolver Coffee Cold Brew

Friday morning I walked over to the convention centre to grab my race packet. They were so well organized I was in and out of there within 5 mins flat around 7am and could head out to grab breakfast.

Vancouver Convention Centre

I had heard that the best gluten free waffles were at Scandalicious. I quickly Google Mapped it and thought it would be a nice shake out run. Little did I know that running through East Hastings was a tad sketchy. I quickly turned around and called a cab and headed over by car. I grabbed an Americano & Bacon Jam Waffle and devoured it before heading back downtown.



One of my friends from the Toronto Obstacle Racing facility I used to train at recently moved to Vancouver so we met up at race packet pickup for a quick hug before I met my friend Erin from University for lunch at Nuba. We were so busy catching up that no pictures were taken of our reunion or our food. I had the

For dinner I cabbed up to Heirloom for an early dinner the night before the race. I ordered the Kale Caesar with a side of Avocado.

Heirloom Kale Caesar

Saturday morning I woke up at 5:30am to get ready. I ate the leftover salad form the night before for breakfast, made a pot of coffee and got dressed. I wore the Lululemon SeaWheeze shorts, CEP Compression Socks in Flash Green, Mizuno Canada Seeker Tee in Purple Magic & Catalyst Shoes in Atomic Blue & White. I can’t find my heart rate monitor & pace watch (they are somewhere in a box still) so I ran this race “naked.” I also forgot nutrition (gels) at home with me so I didn’t feel my normal prepared self. I was thankfully ok energy wise and stopped at all hydration stations for a water & electrolytes. Although it was a hot day, the air in Vancouver is so crisp and clean. The breeze/wind off the ocean kept us cool and I thankfully had minimal symptoms that didn’t start until much later in the race. My legs started going number around 18km but I “easily” finished the race in just a bit of pain.

Robyn & Megs

The course was absolutely gorgeous. I kept exclaiming over and over again “this is just so gorgeous!” I remembered so much of it from 2013 but was still in awe of the gorgeous scenery.


SeaWheeze I’ll be back for you. Being on the West Coast, the organization, the course and the view is SOOO worth it.

SeaWall Runners

My final epic meal in Vancouver included brunch post race at Zend.  I ordered a French Press Coffee, Avocado Toast and the Peach Cobbler.

Zend Avocado Toast

Peach Cobbler

I ended off my time in Vancouver at the Sunset Festival that evening. I headed over for yoga at 7pm and then back downtown to grab a quick bite of sushi at Momo Sushi in Gastown before tumbling into bed.


The adventure continues as I’m off to Tofino with 3 amazing women that I’ve met through my time being sponsored by Magnum Nutraceuticals. Stay tuned for more adventures…

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