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GoodLife 5K Race

I’m getting so excited for my first race of the year on Sunday!

I’m running in the GoodLife Toronto Marathon – 5K race for my first race of the year and couldn’t be more excited.

GoodLife Marathon

I set a goal of running it within 25 mins so I’m excited to see what my body can do. My PB so far is 26.10 (no stoplights) and 27.06 (with stoplights – see picture below) and that was with my running partner pushing me to be faster than normal.

Instagram 1


To help me with my race time goal I’ve become a running app person!

Running Apps


I tried out Run Faster on Weds during my Lululemon run club. You can play your running playlist then head over to the app and set your target pace and it will tell you to speed up or slow down to hit that target pace! Love love. So I’ll be using this bad boy on Sunday. Now to buy an arm band to house my iPhone since I usually put it in my running leggings leg pocket. Pretty sure it will be too warm for long pants. I also want to rock blue pants and a yellow top for Boston.

Run Faster

What’s even more exciting than running is getting to spend some quality time with my FitFluential friends. We are having an epic carb up on Saturday night at the Spaghetti Factory. I am not carbing up, lol, but will be partaking in sharing a steak with the lovely Jess and then chowing down on a shrimp spinach salad myself which is perfect for a night out with friends and keeps me on track with my meal plan. I’m so excited to meet Pavement Runner in person! I’m excited to chat more with Angela Simpson from Eat, Spin, Run, Repeat! Of course my lovely Krysten & Morgan will be there. There is a big long list of other bloggers I’m excited to see again or see for the first time so you’ll have to wait for my weekend recap!!

Happy Race Weekend!

How I Got Into Running…(Sorta Kinda)

I am by no means a runner. I get these spurts of energy and then they go away. So sometimes I get it in my head to set goals for myself that involve running.

In 2009 I trained and ran my very first 5k. I simply used MapMyRun.com. I ran around my neighbourhood and did it.

In 2001 I decided to run my first 10k. I joined a lululemon run club at my local store and ran a 5k with them every Wednesday. I’d try for longer runs on the weekend but only ever built up to about a 7 or 8k. So I ran the 10k on the day of the race really for the first time truly.

This year I’ve gone a step further and decided to run my very first Adventure Race the Warrior Dash. It does involve a full 5k so I’ve gotta keep my running legs tuned up. My first run of the season was this past Tuesday with my friend Krysten. Please note that I have no idea how to dress for cold weather running. I grabbed my cold Under Armour top that I’d bought previously for my foray into Ultimate Frisbee, my new New Balance running t shirt that I got at my last shoot for Best Health and a random pair of leggings that truth be told were really too thin for the cold weather we’re having. So priority number one is to head off and buy proper running tights! I also had nothing on my ears so thankfully my girl Krysten lent me a toque. It sadly had an Arsenal crest on the front and when I sent my fiancee this picture…

he said he would no longer marry me. His team is Man U so I clearly messed up :( lol

Our run outside went amazing. I was tremendously sore from a hamstring workout on Monday but got an amazing runners high and wasn’t cold!

What I need to do to succeed this year.

1. Get better running shoes

2. Get run tights

3. Invest in a heart rate monitor

4. Get a Man U toque

5. Get excited for my Warrior Dash goal!

Here’s to happy training for our Warrior Dash!


I Am FitFluential

I haven’t really blogged about the fact that I’m part of a network called FitFluential but I figured it was time to let this news out! The best way to describe it: a network/family of fitness/health minded people who are trying their best everyday to lead healthier lifestyles and influence their audiences around them.

The FitFluential Website describes themselves as “FitFluential is a growing family of fitness fanatics spreading a positive healthy message year-round. Fitfluential is Fitness Found.”

Our fearless leaders are connecting us with brands and products that would be awesome in our lives and we are reviewing them or starting conversations in the social media sphere. As part of this amazing network we have the opportunity to pitch ourselves as writers to several amazing magazines.

I have been developing my fitness brand for the past 4 years now and have really found my love for writing. So this is my audition post as a writer and video content creator!

I’m Robyn Baldwin. I want to write and shoot video about health and fitness because I’m a jack of all trades, an Alpha Female if you will (someone who has found work/life balance and does “it all”) and love sharing my knowledge with others. My friends call me fitpedia.

My fitness story can be found here and how I battled being skinny fat!

My readers like that I take on challenging fitness workouts to get ready for competitions while balancing working full time.

I will bring to the table great, easy and succinct reads as no one has time for long articles these days. Especially Alpha Females. I will also bring to the table great video content from new fitness trends, to new equipment reviews, to cooking healthy recipes straight from the pages of your magazine to demonstrate how easy they are to implement in real life. You can follow me along at future fitness shoots and see what it takes to get ready for a photoshoot or competition.

Here is my Sizzle Reel

Please click above on the contact link to get in touch with moi!

Top 7 Tips To Kick Start Your New Year’s Resolutions

In June of this year I challenged all Broken Heel Diary readers to 30 days of taking over their health and fitness journeys with easy tips and tricks they could incorporate into their lives on a daily basis. Our theme was Sexy Back and what better way to get your sexy back than feeling healthier through fitness.  

Here are my top 7 choices out of the 30 that you should read to kickstart your New Years Resolution Goals this month. Why not get the head start before January 1st??

Tip 1 Drink More Water






Tip 2 Sweat Once A Day





Tip 3 Eat Healthy Snacks





Tip 4 Keep A Food Journal





Tip 5 Pack Gym Bag Night Before




Tip 6 Reduce Stress




Tip 7 YouTube Videos





Let me know what you incorporate into your life over the next few weeks!