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Tribe Fitness Ugly Christmas Sweater Run

I’ve had the pleasure of having Heather in my life due to cheerleading and now because of a love for the fitness community. We met in 2004 as Hamilton Ticat Cheerleaders (cue embarrassing photo). We called these outfits our snowsuits :)

20131219-105857.jpg  A few years ago we reconnected when she moved to Toronto as well and she started leading the run club at the Lululemon Queen St W location. Her mission is to open a home base for Tribe Fitness in 2014. I couldn’t be more happy or excited for her. She is an amazing leader, motivator and has a great passion for fitness. Join the tribe movement all winter as hibernation is not an option and run club will be happening every Weds at 7pm. The events are posted on the fb page which I link to above. The tribe meets at the fishing lure art display at canoe landing amongst the city place condos.

Tribe Fitness

Last night we had a treat though and paired up with Oakley Active for an Ugly Christmas Sweater run through the streets of Toronto. We started at Queen & University, got outfitted in safety vests and was asked to introduce ourselves to at least 2 other people we didn’t know. This always fixes the cliques that happen from comfort of knowing a few others only and loosens everyone up. We then took off running up University and ran up to the ROM, then over to Holt Renfrew to see their store windows, down Yonge (we got the best looks & hoots and hollers) to Yonge & Dundas where we had to take advantage of the 4 way pedestrian walk to pose for a picture.



We finished up by looking at the Christmas windows at the Bay and then over to Nathan Phillips to see the big tree and the skaters. The night was full of laughs, I could barely take a serious picture and my heart was full of love for this community.




We finished off in Starbucks for some treats and pictures. Tribe had the newest Clif Bars out for us. I grabbed a bar and headed back to the gym nearby where I had left my suitcase & 6 pack bag. On the way, I passed a homeless man and stopped hard in my run (this is something I never do, stopping during a run or giving money to the homeless) and gave him the bar. He needed it much more than I did and I had food readily in my hand vs. change. Needless to say this season (all year) should always fill our hearts with community and giving. Selfless acts will instantly warm any cold heart.

To change gears, I’ve been very blessed with all the love I receive from Mizuno Canada. I recently was gifted with a pair of the new Wave Riders! I got to try out the new 17s on my run and I’m in love! I trained all last winter in the last version of the shoes and ran my first half marathon in them. I love love them. They are white, purple with yellow laces. Great for night running and hopefully they won’t get too dirty from the winter slush in Toronto.


Thank you Tribe Fitness for being a bright spot in the lives you touch. It’s not just a run club it’s a Tribe.


Leaves R’ Down Trail Run

Saturday morning was miserable and amazing all at once. I woke up to ugly weather. 3 degrees Celsius and rain. A lot of rain. But that didn’t stop me from doing a “fun” trail run. I quote fun because that’s what was promised to us but it ended up being a gruelling intense 3 hour trail run that was definitely a first for me.


My running partners Michael & Clifton had invited me to the run hosted by the Toronto Salomon store at the Shops at Don Mills. The run was to take place in Sunnybrook park. So I got up, dressed up in my cold weather running gear and showed up. Half the battle complete.


The store was gracious enough to provide trail runners to everyone that showed up. Which I think is super awesome to actually be able to try them out on real trails. I luckily was well prepared with the Salomon SpeedCross that I purchased last Spring :) they performed amazingly. While many were slip sliding down and up the trails I was pretty proud to easily walk up some sections. And looking quite snazzy in them too. Several people mentioned shoe jealousy.


The rain did not let up the entire time. My UA mock turtleneck, layer under another UA T-shirt, Lululemon SeaWheeze shell & winter run tights were definitely not waterproof. I only own cold and hot gear. No rain gear (definitely going to be my next purchase in my future). However, my gear kept me warm. I fuelled up in the am with two eggs on gluten free bread and chicken bacon. I brought my water pack with me and threw in a Roctane Gu Enerygy Gel in one of the zippered pouches. I tried the Island Nectar flavour and loved it. We were told that one lap was 12K. My usually 7K trail runs usually take a little over an hour. Well three hours later I was one tired cookie. I definitely could’ve used more gels.


My proudest moment of the run was continuously being the first girl running slightly behind the lead pack. They would stop and wait on occasion for people to catch up and I kept climbing over the ridge right after they stopped. My run partners looked slightly proud. Were a tad competitive and I definitely got some high fives for showing up and being strong.

I got to chat with one gentleman about doing Tough Mudder and the training and how the actual day went back in May. We joked that if we did more runs like this we’d have been better prepared last May. Especially at one point when we had to cross a river up to thigh high freezing water. I of course yelled “at least my shoes are clean now” after crossing.

Overall it was an amazing challenge. I felt strong, overwhelmed, smiled like a kid the majority of the time and loved being in a group of other “crazy” people.

The Facebook event announced it was only an annual run. I of course wrote on the post “What? This doesn’t happen weekly?” You know for sure my run partners and I are going to try and find the trails again next week :)


Love me some trail running! Anybody else run trails this weekend?

GoodLife 5K Race

I’m getting so excited for my first race of the year on Sunday!

I’m running in the GoodLife Toronto Marathon – 5K race for my first race of the year and couldn’t be more excited.

GoodLife Marathon

I set a goal of running it within 25 mins so I’m excited to see what my body can do. My PB so far is 26.10 (no stoplights) and 27.06 (with stoplights – see picture below) and that was with my running partner pushing me to be faster than normal.

Instagram 1


To help me with my race time goal I’ve become a running app person!

Running Apps


I tried out Run Faster on Weds during my Lululemon run club. You can play your running playlist then head over to the app and set your target pace and it will tell you to speed up or slow down to hit that target pace! Love love. So I’ll be using this bad boy on Sunday. Now to buy an arm band to house my iPhone since I usually put it in my running leggings leg pocket. Pretty sure it will be too warm for long pants. I also want to rock blue pants and a yellow top for Boston.

Run Faster

What’s even more exciting than running is getting to spend some quality time with my FitFluential friends. We are having an epic carb up on Saturday night at the Spaghetti Factory. I am not carbing up, lol, but will be partaking in sharing a steak with the lovely Jess and then chowing down on a shrimp spinach salad myself which is perfect for a night out with friends and keeps me on track with my meal plan. I’m so excited to meet Pavement Runner in person! I’m excited to chat more with Angela Simpson from Eat, Spin, Run, Repeat! Of course my lovely Krysten & Morgan will be there. There is a big long list of other bloggers I’m excited to see again or see for the first time so you’ll have to wait for my weekend recap!!

Happy Race Weekend!

How I Got Into Running…(Sorta Kinda)

I am by no means a runner. I get these spurts of energy and then they go away. So sometimes I get it in my head to set goals for myself that involve running.

In 2009 I trained and ran my very first 5k. I simply used MapMyRun.com. I ran around my neighbourhood and did it.

In 2001 I decided to run my first 10k. I joined a lululemon run club at my local store and ran a 5k with them every Wednesday. I’d try for longer runs on the weekend but only ever built up to about a 7 or 8k. So I ran the 10k on the day of the race really for the first time truly.

This year I’ve gone a step further and decided to run my very first Adventure Race the Warrior Dash. It does involve a full 5k so I’ve gotta keep my running legs tuned up. My first run of the season was this past Tuesday with my friend Krysten. Please note that I have no idea how to dress for cold weather running. I grabbed my cold Under Armour top that I’d bought previously for my foray into Ultimate Frisbee, my new New Balance running t shirt that I got at my last shoot for Best Health and a random pair of leggings that truth be told were really too thin for the cold weather we’re having. So priority number one is to head off and buy proper running tights! I also had nothing on my ears so thankfully my girl Krysten lent me a toque. It sadly had an Arsenal crest on the front and when I sent my fiancee this picture…

he said he would no longer marry me. His team is Man U so I clearly messed up :( lol

Our run outside went amazing. I was tremendously sore from a hamstring workout on Monday but got an amazing runners high and wasn’t cold!

What I need to do to succeed this year.

1. Get better running shoes

2. Get run tights

3. Invest in a heart rate monitor

4. Get a Man U toque

5. Get excited for my Warrior Dash goal!

Here’s to happy training for our Warrior Dash!