XMan Montreal 2016 Race Recap

Xman Montreal did not disappoint! It was a great 7.5km with well over 40 obstacles.

X Man Montreal

I had an amazing race, with minimal symptoms and a ton of fun so that made it amazing! My friend Katie and I decided to run it together because we both have way more fun when we get to spend it on course together. Our very first race together was Dead End Race back in 2014! I had a fairly penalty free race. I opted to run the penalty for the twisting ladder & I also was dealing with a hand tremor at the monkey bars so I only made it to the long bar before dropping and having to run the penalty. Otherwise I’m pretty proud of my strength this year and getting the Irish Table at this event with minimal struggling. I can see myself getting stronger and more confident every race and it’s so awesome to see in myself.

I grabbed a ton of pictures off of Xman’s Facebook account of all the obstacles so you could see what we tackled last weekend.

The race started off pretty easy we went up and down 2 sets of teeter totters which come standard at the XMan races.

XMan Montreal 2016

The only obstacle I hated was the jug carry. We’re guessing it was around 40 – 50 pounds and the climb up and down the hill was just long enough to cause a bit of a sufferfest. This is one of those obstacles where if you carry it on your shoulder you can jack your neck or if you carry it in front of you without a strong lower back you can hurt yourself so it’s always important to train for this obstacle before a race.

XMan Montreal 2016

Some of the other standard obstacles were the rope climb followed by

Rope Climb

the parallel bars

Parallel Bars

We had 3 sets of walls during the race. I set of 4 lower walls that allow you to jump up, push up and over, set a foot on top of the wall or throw right over and jump over. There was also 2 incline walls and 2 higher walls as seen below.

XMan Montreal 2016

With the heat around 25 during the race and minimal water on course there was calf cramps hitting races left right and centre. The walls are usually a good culprit for calf cramp causes and I suffered a really good one on the incline walls.

Here is Katie and I coming out from the under barrel water obstacle

X Man Montreal 2016

Another standard obstacle at the XMan series is the rope wall. Up and over and carry on.

Rope Wall

A new set of obstacles I haven’t seen at an XMan race yet was the rope ladder & tire pull. We had to climb the ladder, tap the top beam and then climb down and raise the tires up and lower back down.


Some of my favourite Tarzan like obstacles are the foot rings & rope wood platforms. The goal is to get across each obstacle without touching the ground. This requires lots of core strength, upper body strength and a bit of agility to get your foot easily in the rings or on the platforms.


Another set of fun obstacles featuring my friend Jesse Bruce was the barbed wire water crawl…


At XMan Toronto we had to shimmy across an unstable tube over big mats but at the Montreal race they decided to move it over water for some nice dunks


This race also featured the Irish Table & Sternum checker but thankfully they weren’t placed one after another like in Toronto. I was so excited to get the Irish Table with ease this race. My biggest problem is getting my chest up and over the top. If I have enough upper body strength to swing up and over then I can hook a leg and get up and over like a graceful beached whale.


The grand finale of obstacles this race included their well known warp wall, followed by a rope climb, cargo net traverse to climb down another rope and then up the Tremcar, slide down a tub and land on a nice fluffy mat. The only problem with the last obstacle for me was I hit the mat and bounced right back into the tube and sliced the back of my neck nicely. A little war wound didn’t hurt anyone but I’m whining just a little bit about it 🙂

Warp Wall

Rope to Cargo Climb


As always I love recommending this race to everyone! They have another race in Sherbrooke and Quebec City this summer so get registered!

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